Three Shot Along 5th Ave  As Chaos and Violence Erupts Between Vendors And Municipal Police [cred; B-metro]

Man Cheats With Housemaid,  Tries To Crash Car With Pregnant Wife Aboard To Avoid Divorce 

Desperately trying to save his marriage from an impending divorce, a man found to have been engaged in a scandalous affair with the housemaid deliberately crashed his car with his pregnant wife in tow.

Reports from witnesses near the scene of the accident at the intersection along 25th Avenue and Matopos Road describe a picture of turmoil and distress.

The couple had been quarrelling all the way from their Parklands house and their altercation was still in progress when the car veered off the road, causing injury to a hapless pedestrian, identified as Velaphi Zhou, an assistant builder.

Zhou, fortunately, suffered only a fractured shin, but the car went on to crash into a precast wall, which was destroyed in the process.

The Bulawayo residents who rushed to the scene found the man and woman still embroiled in a heated argument. Charingeni, the driver, claimed that his wife had grabbed the steering wheel and caused the accident, a claim which she vehemently denied.

She maintained that her husband had promised to kill them both if she did not abandon her demand for a divorce.

“I didn’t touch the steering. He said he once had an accident in the car but this time he would make sure we die in the second one. After dropping our child off at school, we had agreed to go to (Bulawayo) Central Police (Station) to get assistance with a divorce. He has been sleeping with the maid,” she told B-metro.

The couple had been on their way to the Bulawayo Central Police Station to seek assistance with the divorce proceedings, a fact corroborated by the wife‘s


By Mandisa