Shadaya Brags Over Inspiring OlindaOlinda x Shadaya [cred; OlindaChapel Facebook - Shadaya Twitter]

Shadaya Brags Over Inspiring Olinda’s Body Transformation

A war of words has erupted once more between social media personality Shadaya Knight and his UK-based arch-rival Olinda Chapel.

Hell broke loose when Shadaya took credit for Chapel’s body transformation writing;

Take a look at this before and after knowing Shadaya And no, I don’t want anything, I’m a public servant #GreaterUs

But Olinda would not agree to this, saying she went under the knife and shed some weight for personal reasons, not social media trolls

Tell this little boy
1. Have never KNOWN him !
2. Social media has been trolling my weight since 2015 before you even owned a phone my guy in the thousands. Your few tweets are just a few grains of sand in the desert !
3. I had surgery for me not you !
Stop glorifying yourself for nothing. I know it’s hard when the only thing you own in life is your birth certificate (even that belongs to the government of Zimbabwe) . So you go around claiming, to fulfill this emptiness and make you feel that you have achieved.
Now put the phone down and stop masturbating to my pictures. I didn’t want you then, I still don’t want you now.
Shadaya Brags Over Inspiring Olinda's Body Transformation
Olinda Chapel before body transformation [cred; Olinda Chapel Instagram]
Shadaya Brags Over Inspiring Olinda's Body Transformation
Olinda Chapel after transforming [cred; Olinda Chapel Facebook]
Meanwhile, Shadaya’s followers, on the other hand, agree with him. Many of them allude that, had it not been for Shadaya’s persistent attacks, Olinda would have kept her “excess flesh.”
Isaac Iykie Mugandani
Shadaya technically contributed 75% to Olinda’s body trimming n Olinda take remaining 25% cz she paid money for the surgery , jealous down Olinda owes Shadaya but she needs to swallow pride and gives credit where its due..Olinda now looks very sexy, I’m even crushing on her
Shoko rinenge ranzwikwa zvaro vachiita sevasiri kunzwa, vakanogadzirisa vakaita ma correction
Ghetto Youth
Apo wakashanda wangu , I remember the first days anga ari mu denial , hee body positivity hee what what , akazogara pasi ega akanyatsofunga kuti mmm vashadhaya vane point ..

By Mandisa