Mai TT Unveils Her Fake Life, Crime, and Ill-Fated Marriages[Image Credit: H-Metro]

Inside the Dark Secrets: Mai TT Unveils Her Fake Life, Crime, and Ill-Fated Marriages

Jailed comedienne and musician, Mai Tt, has opened up about how she lived a fake life hat led her down a path of crime and fake marriages, ultimately resulting in her imprisonment. Speaking to fellow inmates and visitors from AFM in Zimbabwe, Mai Tt shared her journey of self-reflection and redemption.

Healing Through Counseling

In a heartfelt address, the Cat-Family-Mother expressed her initial despair and isolation in her cell, only finding solace after receiving counseling from rehabilitation officers. These sessions provided her with the strength to confront her mistakes and vow to leave behind her former fake lifestyle.

“I never thought that one day I would be counted among prisoners,” said Mai Tt. “To be honest, I cried in my cell and did not want to interact with other inmates until I received counselling from our rehabilitation officers.” 

The Deception and Betrayal of a Fake Marriage

Mai TT shared the story of her ill-fated marriage to Tinashe Maphosa, whom she described as a criminal who not only stole her money but also plunged her into overwhelming debt. She recounted the lavish celebrations and grand gestures that masked the deceit, leaving her in a state of shock and vulnerability.

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After entrusting Tinashe with her heart, trust, and finances, Mai TT discovered he had absconded with her hard-earned US$30,000, leaving her in financial ruin. The money belonged to a women’s revolving fund, and she felt compelled to engage in theft of trust property to conceal her troubles.

Struggling to Maintain a Fake Life

As someone known for her seemingly glamorous lifestyle, Mai TT found herself trapped in a web of lies, all while grappling with mounting problems. She faced the challenging task of upholding her false persona, all the while suffering internally.

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Despite the tribulations she faced, Mai TT found solace in knitting bags, a skill she learned from a fellow inmate. This newfound talent allowed her to generate some income during her time behind bars.