Sister's 18-month-old Baby Subjected to Savage Torture by 18-Year-Old Woman[Image Credit: H-Metro]

Sister’s 18-month-old Baby Subjected to Savage Torture by 18-Year-Old Woman

An 18-year-old woman from Eastview was arrested yesterday for the horrifying torture she inflicted on her sister’s 18-month-old baby girl. Brenda Gwiriri, had been entrusted to care for the child since July but instead subjected her to physical and emotional torment.

Disturbing Details of the Abuse Unveiled

Brenda resorted to tying the helpless toddler to a wardrobe using cellphone charger cables whenever she left the house. This shocking revelation came to light when the child’s cries were heard by passersby, who took immediate action.

Cry for Help Brings Attention

The distressing wails of the innocent child caught the attention of concerned individuals passing by. They swiftly intervened, demanding that the landlord unlock the room where the child was being held captive. Their worst fears were confirmed when they discovered the baby girl tied to the wardrobe.

Swift Justice Thwarted by Police Intervention

As the enraged neighbors prepared to take matters into their own hands, a police officer arrived at the scene, preventing potential mob justice. Brenda was saved from the wrath of the fuming community but was immediately apprehended by authorities.

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Troubling Motive Revealed

In her shocking confession to H-Metro, Brenda admitted to assaulting the baby girl as a form of punishment. She claimed that the child had broken her kitchen utensils and would engage in destructive behavior whenever left unattended.

Innocent Victim Suffers Physical Trauma

The consequences of Brenda’s appalling actions were evident on the child’s body. The baby girl displayed visible bruising on her buttocks, neck, head, and back, all resulting from the brutal beatings inflicted upon her.

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Disturbing Justification for Abuse

Brenda attempted to rationalize her actions by explaining that her friend, Prudence, had advised her to confine the child to the room to prevent further damage. She admitted to using a stick to beat the defenseless toddler for her alleged offenses.

Brenda was subsequently detained at Mabvuku Police Station, where she awaits further legal proceedings.


Child abuse cases involving relatives are increasing. H-Metro recently reported a similar incident in Zvimba, where a couple murdered their 4-year-old niece.