Mahere Blue Ticks Holy Ten's Advances On Twitter Mahere Blue Ticks Holy Ten's Advances On Twitter (Image Credit: Twitter @holytenmusic/@advocatemahere)

Mahere Blue Ticks Holy Ten’s Advances On Twitter 

Controversial Hip Hop sensation Holy Ten has made a bold move towards Citizens Coalition for Change Spokesperson Advocate Fadzayi Mahere. However, it appears that his efforts to win her over have fallen flat.

Mujaya, as he is fondly known by his adoring fans, seems to have been harboring secret affection for Advocate Mahere, and yesterday, he decided to take the plunge and profess his feelings for her by asking her out on a dinner date.

The artist took to his Twitter account, where he tagged Advocate Fadzayi Mahere, and wrote: “Fadzi Mahere kinda cute! Can I take you out for dinner nhai @advocatemahere.”

Despite his sincere plea, Advocate Mahere has yet to respond to his heartfelt message, leaving Holy Ten in a state of uncertainty. It seems that he has been left on “read,” so to speak.

Mahere Blue Ticks Holy Ten's Advances On Twitter 
Mahere Blue Ticks Holy Ten’s Advances On Twitter (Image Credit: Twitter @holytenmusic/@advocatemahere)

However, Holy Ten’s public proclamation of love has caused a stir on social media, with many users expressing their displeasure at his casual reference to the esteemed Advocate as “kinda cute,” instead of using more appropriate terms such as “beautiful” or “stunning.” Some Twitter users went as far as to suggest that Holy Ten was merely seeking publicity and accused him of being a “clout chaser.”

Other social media users have urged Advocate Mahere to exercise caution and avoid Holy Ten, lest he accuses her of being involved in some sort of sinister activity, similar to what he did to the celebrated Zimbabwean musician Winky D, after collaborating with him on the hit song “Ibotso.”

In the end, it remains to be seen whether Holy Ten’s bold move will pay off or whether he will have to find another way to win Advocate Mahere’s heart. One thing is for sure, however; the Zimbabwean Hip Hop scene is abuzz with speculation and intrigue as the saga of Holy Ten and Advocate Mahere continues to unfold.

By Mandisa