Kwekwe Woman Confesses to Falsely Accusing Neighbour of Molesting Her at Age Nine[Image Credit: H-Metro]

Kwekwe Woman Confesses to Falsely Accusing Neighbour of Molesting Her at Age Nine

An 18-year Kwekwe woman, Evidence Makambe, has come forward with shocking allegations that her mother forced her to falsely accuse their neighbour, Simbarashe Chadiwa, of raping her nine years ago when she was just a minor. Simbarashe was subsequently convicted of rape in 2015 and sentenced to nine years in prison.

False statements to court

Evidence recently recalled the false statements she made to the court, which she says were fed to her by her mother. She claims that she was manipulated into accusing Simbarashe as her mother was angry about reports in their neighbourhood that Evidence was seen with Simbarashe while her mother was away in Botswana.

“I have no reason to lie since I am not related to Simbarashe,” she stated. “My mother fooled me, abused me emotionally when she forced me to lodge a false case against our neighbour.”

Haunted by guilt

Evidence now feels guilty about the false accusations she made against Simbarashe and believes he is being punished for something he did not do.

She said, “I was young, but what I underwent in 2015 is haunting me to this day. I need peace of mind, I had to confess, but this is not working at all.”

Evidence’s mother has not yet given her side of the story, reported hmetro.

Looking for help

Evidence has been chased away from her family and is staying with a good Samaritan. She is seeking help and counseling to deal with the emotional trauma she has experienced. Evidence is not aware of the prison where Simbarashe is serving his sentence.