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ZCC Bishop In Mjolo Scandal, Proposes Love and send noodles to Muroora

ZCC bishop Lyphet Matenda Mugaviri, proposed love to daughter-in-law(muroora) Olinda Mashavave and allegedly posted nude pictures of himself.

Olinda is the wife of the son of the bishop’s elder brother, Lesly Mugaviri. Matenda is married and has three wives.

Zion Christian Church Kumuka Kwavakafa Nhaudzashe (ZCCKK) is headquartered in Rutenga. The incident has created factions within the church, with some demanding the bishop’s resignation while others advocate for forgiveness.

Calls for Bishop’s Resignation and Church Split

Jonathan Chauke, an elder of the church confirmed the incident. He revealed that discussions were held with the bishop, urging him to step down. However, there are conflicting opinions within the committee. Some members are insisting on forgiving the bishop. The behavior of the bishop has left certain sections of the congregation disappointed, and they believe that appropriate action needs to be taken. One of the key challenges highlighted is the absence of a signed constitution, which the bishop allegedly manipulated. This controversy has the potential to split the church if not resolved promptly.

ZCCKK Advisor Speaks Out

When contacted for comment, Bishop Matenda Mugaviri referred all questions to his church advisor, Kufakunesu Mubhoyi. The bishop acknowledged that the situation could lead to a split within the church due to power struggles within the royal family and their desire to control the church. He emphasized the need for the family to resolve the issue without affecting the church’s activities. Mubhoyi also mentioned that the majority of the church congregation wants the bishop to remain and continue serving in the kingdom of God.

Church Constitution and Reinstatement Process

According to the church’s constitution and doctrine, if the bishop testifies and confesses in the presence of the steering committee, certain duties will be suspended for a specific period until a kuchenura ceremony is conducted to reinstate him. It is also emphasized that the aggrieved party, in this case, the daughter-in-law, should personally come forward with the matter rather than relying solely on downloaded chats. Lesly, the husband of Olinda, expressed his awareness of the issue. He promised to contact the publication for further comments.

Bishop’s Admission and Cleansing Demand

In one of the audio recordings, the bishop admitted that the matter was being dealt with by his grandson, Matonzi. He expressed regret and apologized for his actions, reported hmetro.

“I will go back to Matonzi, maybe by August, ndinenge ndagadzirisa,” stated the bishop. “l said sorry and sorry wani. By August ndinenge ndagadzirisa ndakupedzera.”

However, Lesly insisted that the church should cleanse the bishop. He warned against Mugaviri attempting to give people holy communion while he is still alive.

“Do not test me, handina kukumukirai ndimi makanyenga my wife,” stated Lesly.

Lesly emphasized that if the bishop takes responsibility for his mistakes and pays for them, he would even come and dance during church services.

Congregants Express Discontent and Split Concerns

One church member, who preferred to remain anonymous, expressed serious distress caused by the bishop’s actions. The effects of this controversy could potentially lead to a split within the church. Calls for the bishop to repent and avoid causing further confusion have been made. It is apparent that the bishop is attempting to convince a few elders of the church to allow him to continue leading, despite the discontent among believers.