KwaBelinda Bar Assault Case Takes Dramatic Turn with Post-Mortem Results[Image Credit: H-Metro]

KwaBelinda Bar Assault Case Takes Dramatic Turn with Post-Mortem Results

The post-mortem results of David Matombo(Diva) who was fatally assaulted at KwaBelinda, Afro 161 Bar and Restaurant have been released. The results concluded that a blunt force to the head caused his death. The victim, David Matambo, was allegedly assaulted by Calisto Murawo after a car accident involving Matambo’s wife.

The Incident

David Matambo was at KwaBelinda when his wife swiped another vehicle in the car park while reversing her car. Concerned about the extent of the damage, David left the car to inspect it when Calisto Murawo punched him on the head. As a result of the punch, David fell to the ground, and Calisto allegedly kicked him several times on the head before disappearing. Unfortunately, David was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital, reported h-metro.

Post-Mortem Results

The post-mortem results revealed that David Matambo’s death was caused by a blunt force to the head. Blunt force trauma occurs when a physical impact or assault causes injury to a body part, in this case, the head. According to a study conducted by forensic scientists, injuries to the head and throat are often indicative of physical assault. The severity of the injury caused by blunt force trauma can vary, but in David’s case, it proved to be fatal.

Family’s Response

Sarah Matambo, the spokesperson for the Matambo family, stated that they received the post-mortem results and are planning to take David’s body to his Kuwadzana home for burial. The family will decide on the burial arrangements in due course. It is undoubtedly a challenging time for the Matambo family, as they grapple with the loss of their loved one.

Legal Proceedings

Calisto handed himself over to the police two days later and appeared in court. He was remanded in custody and is expected to have a bail hearing today in the High Court.