Holy Ten Claps Back at Nutty O: Disagrees on Record Labels in Zimbabwe[Image Credit: Facebook]

Holy Ten Claps Back at Nutty O: Disagrees on Record Labels in Zimbabwe

Hip hop superstar Holy Ten expressed his disagreement with Nutty O’s statement that “there is no label in Zimbabwe”. In an Instagram post, Holy Ten threw his anger at Nutty O, saying that artists are feeding their families because of the work they do.

Nutty O Shares Views on Record Labels in Zimbabwe

In an interview on “The Dennyj Show,” Nutty O stated that artists who sign for a record label don’t want to do their own thing. They want to be pampered and have everything done for them. He also said that artists who know their way and want to succeed in their careers don’t need any record label. Signing for a record label may not be wise for them if they want to be successful in Zimbabwe.

Holy Ten’s Response

Holy Ten took issue with Nutty O’s statement and disagreed with his view on record labels. He argued that record labels like Samanyasounds help artists to achieve their dreams and provide them with the support they need to succeed. Holy Ten also felt that Nutty O’s statement showed a lack of respect for the work that artists in Zimbabwe are doing.


Holy Ten owns Samanyangasounds, a record label that recently signed Xiba, Michael Magz, and Mr Candy. Samanyangasounds provides its artists with a personal manager and their songs are written by Holy Ten himself.

Holy Ten’s Response Sparks Social Media Reaction

Holy Ten’s response to Nutty O’s statement has stirred up a reaction on social media, with netizens trolling Samanyangasounds.


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