From Local Champion to Global Bodybuilding Sensation: 'Hulk' Needs Help[Image Credit: H-Metro]

From Local Champion to Global Bodybuilding Sensation: ‘Hulk’ Needs Help

Noah ‘Hulk’ Dzvokora, the defending champion of the Marume and Bulawayo Classic, is seeking sponsorship to compete in international bodybuilding competitions. Hulk dreams of competing at the Mr Ironman, Marume Classic, Harare Classic, Bulawayo, Nationals, and eventually going international, but he faces challenges in maintaining the required diet.

Hulk’s Costly diet

Hulk’s diet consists of eggs, oats, broccoli, rice and veggies, which cost more than $12 per day. He is appealing for sponsorship to cover the cost of his diet, which is a key component in bodybuilding.

“I eat chicken breasts and eggs every day. I think if I can find someone who can supply me with chicken and eggs or a company that does that, I will be grateful,” said Dzvokora.

From fitness to bodybuilding

Dzvokora started competing in 2010 as a way of keeping fit. His body transformed into that of a bodybuilder, and he began competing in Muscle and Fitness Gweru in 2010.

His ultimate goal is to become an LFBB pro and compete against the best in the world reported hmetro.

Meal schedule

Dzvokora’s meal schedule is rigorous, with six meals a day. He eats 8 egg whites and 2×100 grams whole oats for meal 1, 220 grams chicken breast, 200 grams rice, 80 grams broccoli for meals 2 and 3, 200 grams chicken breast and 200 grams rice for meal 4, 220 chicken breast and 200 grams rice for meal 5, and 250 grams chicken breast and veggies for meal 6.

Sponsorship appeal

Hulk’s sponsorship appeal is a call to action for Kirsty Coventry to support local athletes. Investing in Hulk can put Zimbabwe on the map in the world of bodybuilding.


Noah ‘Hulk’ Dzvokora’s dedication to bodybuilding is commendable, but his dream is on the verge of collapse without sponsorship.