'He Deserves 17 Children from Me' - Wicknell Chivayo's Wife Praises Husband and Dreams of a Big Family[Image Credit: Instagram/@King.Yaa Yaa]

Wicknell Chivayo’s Wife Celebrates Six Years of Marriage with Heartfelt Message of Profound Love and Desire for Large Family


In a heartfelt Instagram post, Sonja Madzikanda, controversial businessman Wicknell Chivayo’s wife, openly declared her profound love and admiration for her husband as they celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary. Madzikanda’s words of praise for her husband have garnered attention and sparked discussions about their relationship and family plans.

A Profound Love and Appreciation

Sonja Madzikanda’s Instagram post caught the attention of netizens as she expressed her unwavering love and deep appreciation for her husband, Wicknell Chivayo. In her heartfelt message, she proclaimed that her husband is deserving of a large family, stating,

”My hombarume deserves twins, my hombarume deserves a lineage, he deserves 17 children from one woman, that is me. Nobody else, this is my man, this my hunter. Six years and counting, thank you baby you have dressed me.”

Her words demonstrate a strong bond and commitment to their marriage, highlighting the profound love she holds for her husband.

[Image Credit: Instagram/Sonja Madzikanda] Wicknell Chivayo’s Wife Celebrates Six Years of Marriage

Celebrating Six Years of Marriage

The couple recently celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary, marking a significant milestone in their relationship. Despite the controversies surrounding their names, their love has endured the test of time.

Sonja Madzikanda’s heartfelt message of appreciation is a testament to the strength of their bond and their commitment to each other. Throughout the years, they have faced challenges together, but their love has remained steadfast. Celebrating six years of marriage is a momentous occasion, demonstrating their resilience and determination to make their relationship work.

In a follow-up post, Sonja Madzikanda continued,

“This relationship has always been everybody’s headline and hot topics.

“After some serious thought- I want to thank you all. You made KingYaayaa

“Now I’m here to stay. I can safely say I’ve wethered through it all with this man.

“And now it’s the Jump off. I’m taking off.”

In another post, she said,


“And along this journey- I may or may not decide to keep it cute.

“6 years ago I said ‘hie hater.’

“Today it’s ‘bye haters.'”

Controversies and Challenges

It is important to acknowledge the controversies and challenges that Wicknell Chivayo and Sonja Madzikanda have faced in their relationship. Public scrutiny and rumours of infidelity have plagued their union, with social media often abuzz with discussions and speculation. However, it is essential to respect the privacy of individuals involved and focus on the positive aspects they choose to share publicly. Despite these challenges, the couple has proven their commitment to one another and their determination to overcome any obstacles they encounter.

In a loving tribute to her husband, Sonja Madzikanda expressed her profound love and desire for a large family. As Wicknell Chivayo and Sonja celebrate their six years of marriage, their enduring love shines through, inspiring others to believe in the power of love and commitment. Despite the controversies and challenges they have faced, their bond remains strong, reinforcing the notion that love conquers all. Wicknell Chivayo and Sonja Madzikanda’s story is a testament to the resilience of marriage and the deep connection that can withstand the trials and tribulations of life.