Harare Woman's Quest for Quick Riches Ends in Tragedy as Sangoma Molested Her in Cemetery!!Image Credit-Facebook

Harare Woman’s Quest for Quick Riches Ends in Tragedy as Sangoma Molests Her in Cemetery!!

A Harare woman in quest for quick riches was allegedly molested by a sangoma. The woman was told to spend a night naked at a cemetery. Jimson Nyasara the sangoma told the woman that it was part of a plan to get rich quickly. The Nyasara allegedly convinced the woman that she needed to mix her vaginal fluids with his semen for a ritual to work. He then repeatedly raped her, claiming that it was necessary for the magic he was performing to work.

Sangoma Lures Woman with Promise of Wealth

According to a report from H-Metro, the woman approached Nyasara in July last year, seeking his services. He assured her that he would give her a charm that would make her very rich and invited her to his place in November. Jimson told her to book a room at a lodge and when she did, he joined her there. Nyasara claimed that he had to sleep with her so that he could collect his semen and mix it with her vaginal fluids. He further claimed that he would take this to Mozambique where he would get the charm for quick riches.

Repeated Rapes and False Promises

After the alleged rape, Nyasara allegedly continued to demand sex in a series of meetings. He claimed that for the magic to work it was necessary to continue meeting. Nyasara charged her US$800 and US$100 as a consultation fee. The woman was reportedly raped again in December and January before she reported Nyasara to the police.

Harare Woman's Quest for Quick Riches Ends in Tragedy as Sangoma Molested Her in Cemetery!!
Jimson Nyasara


Sangoma Charged with Rape and Fraud

The woman reported Nyasara to the police for rape after the promised quick riches failed to materialize. He was subsequently arrested and charged with fraud and three counts of rape when he appeared in court. He was remanded out of custody to July 12, for trial commencement.