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Harare Woman Exposes Husband’s Nephew’s Dark Role in Scandalous Forbidden Affairs!

Harare woman, Clara Chinamo accuses her husband’s nephew of a dark role in their marriage, claiming he acts as a pimp. Unfortunately, her protection order application against him was dismissed by the Harare Civil Court.

Allegations of Abuse and Pimping

Clara Chinamo has accused Tafara Shava of both physical and verbal abuse. She claims that Shava not only pimps women for her husband but is also a negative influence, prompting her to bar him from their house. Chinamo further alleged that Shava assaulted her in the past and that she reported the incident to the police.

Denial and Counterclaims

Tafara Shava vehemently denies the allegations leveled against him. He asserts that he was the one who was assaulted and even received threatening texts from Clara. Shava contends that Clara banned him from her house because she mistakenly believes he finds women for her husband. He called upon Clara’s husband, Andrew Chipepere, to support his version of events, reported hmetro.

Husband’s Testimony

Andrew Chipepere, Clara’s husband, was summoned to testify about the altercation between his wife and nephew. Chipepere told the court that Clara was the perpetrator of violence in their relationship. He admitted that Clara had assaulted him as well but emphasized that he chose not to retaliate, resorting instead to leaving the house to avoid further conflict.

Dismissal of Protection Order Application

Despite Clara Chinamo’s accusations and claims of abuse, her application for a protection order against Tafara Shava was dismissed by the Harare Civil Court. The court was unable to find sufficient evidence to support the allegations made by Clara.

Seeking Resolution

With the dismissal of the protection order application, Clara Chinamo and Tafara Shava may need to explore alternative avenues to address their grievances and resolve their conflicts. The court’s decision highlights the importance of thorough investigation and evidence in legal proceedings.