Harare Landlord Accuses Tenant of Having an Illicit Affair with Husband[Image Credit: iStock]

Harare Landlord Accuses Tenant of Having an Illicit Affair with Husband

Passions and tensions soared in Harare as landlord Enisia Takavambani accused her tenant Deliwe Savanhu for having romantic affair with her husband.

Betrayal and Stress

Enisia revealed her distressing ordeal, asserting that Deliwe had been exchanging text messages with her husband, causing her immense emotional strain. Enisia had confided in Deliwe as a friend and advisor, making the situation all the more devastating.

“I shared my secrets with her because she is a friend and an advisor,” stated Deliwe.

Evidence and Denials

Enisia discovered incriminating evidence, including chats on her husband’s phone and a photo of him on Deliwe’s laptop. However, when confronted, Deliwe vehemently denied any romantic involvement with Enisia’s husband.

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Enisia also recounted an incident where she allegedly witnessed Deliwe kissing her husband inside a car at Gazaland shops.

Conflicting Wounds

Enisia shared further disturbing details, mentioning that her husband returned home one day with torn trousers and a swollen arm. Coincidentally, Deliwe visited Enisia the following day with a swollen face. Deliwe claimed it was a personal matter, but Enisia suspected foul play.

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Counterclaims and Dismissal

Deliwe, in her defense, denied all allegations and accused Enisia of being the aggressor. According to Deliwe, Enisia, accompanied by another woman, assaulted her, resulting in torn clothes and discarded food.

“She is my boss’ wife and she came with another woman to assault me and I never retaliated,” stated Deliwe.  “She tore my clothes and threw away my food because I am renting her place.”

However, Magistrate Sharon Mashavira ultimately dismissed the case, citing a lack of evidence to support the claims.


The number of fights arising from husbands having affairs with their girlfriends is escalating, as evidenced by a recent report from iHarare. A 27-year-old wife from Eastview was assaulted by her husband’s teenage girlfriend.