Baba Harare's Audacious 'Bum Bum' Diss Tears Apart Shadaya[Image Credit: Facebook]

Baba Harare’s Audacious ‘Bum Bum’ Diss Tears Apart Shadaya

Renowned Jiti king, Baba Harare’s ‘Bum Bum’, a diss song, has ignited a heated feud with self-proclaimed alpha male, Shadaya. Recent Baba Harare released an album, ‘Prove them wrong’ that is containing  subliminal lyrics.

Bum Bum’ Ignite Controversy

Baba Harare

City Father’s lyrics in ‘Bum Bum‘ have sparked controversy, as he boldly suggests that everyone craves intimacy, including Alpha. The provocative song highlights Alpha’s alleged lack of emotional connection, which he claims contributes to his aggressive behavior towards women.

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Mudiwa Hood Joins the Fray

Mudiwa Hood

Adding fuel to the fire, flamboyant musician Mudiwa Hood has now joined the controversial argument, passionately expressing his disdain for Alpha. Mudiwa asserts that Baba Harare’s diss track is a strategic move to enhance his own popularity, regardless of Alpha’s response.

“Baba Harare launched a great album, if Shadaya responds to him, whether it’s positive or negative Baba Harare wins,” posted Mudiwa.


The release of Baba Harare’s album has sparked widespread anticipation, with fans eagerly awaiting alpha’s response.

Netizens Reactions To Mudiwa’s post


It’s showbiz we’re here for it Shadaya can choose to ignore it will still be a sub.


Nigga, I now understand why you have a failed career as a rapper, You call that a diss nhai?. I don’t think Shadaya will respond to such petty issues. Iwewe you have feminine tendencies ukuda kutandanisa attention ipapa kunge badza.


haa iwewe nyarara hako unotobowawo hako iwe


I agree with you on this one


😆 😂 we support wedu, father city.


All publicity is good publicity 👍


🙄koiwe wakuita sei futi dai wasiya sooo tinoda Hondo isu 🤔@thabodhibani:
Manje this time anyura. Atumirwa DM. hanzi handichade zvekuitisa vanhu mbiri


You are a businessman for real. 👏


It’s showbiz we’re here for it Shadaya can choose to ignore it will still be a sub.


kkkkkk haa ka HKD kabby ka shadaya kaye🤣🤣