Dhama Is ReleasedMbare Drug Lord Dhama [image; unknown social media]

Harare Drug Boss, Dhama Arrested

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has finally arrested Mbare drug boss Boss, Simbarashe Chanachimwe or Dhama as he is affectionately known

Dhama who is also a concert organiser and music promoter was being sought by the police in connection with drug-related offences.

Police yesterday announced the arrest on the ZRP official Twitter page writing;

The ZRP has arrested Simbarashe Chanachimwe (31), alias Dama, who was being sought by the police in connection with unlawful dealing in dangerous drugs.

This follows a raid that was conducted by the police at the suspect’s drug base at Block 14 Matapi Flats, Mbare Harare on 09/02/23 at around 0400 hours.

Police recovered 26 sachets of dagga and one plant of mbanje measuring 1.7 metres.

Dhama had earlier been reported missing by government spokesperson Nick Mangwana as police intensified its crackdown on drug abuse and trafficking.

According to a Twitter user @CdeNMaswerasei who has been namedropping drug dealers ever since the campaign started, Dhama is not the only one in the circle.

This is Dammer (Dhama), the Mbare drug kingpin/criminal who has destroyed youths with drugs. For so long Dhama has been making his own backyard version of highly intoxicating cough syrup (codeine clone) especially during festive season when SA suppliers are closed for holidays. Dhama sells all sorts of drugs and coordinates with bigger drug lords like Java for whom he distributes imported consignments too. They are now part of the syndicate that imports ephedrine sulphate – an alpha agonist/stimulant that activates the sympathetic nervous system.


Dhama has a full drugs shop with a shed where youths rest and get served in Mbare. Through his Chillspot, Dhama organises free passa passas that are fully sponsored by Passion Java & Zodwa where drugs are sold to youth. Dhama supplies consignment to smaller runners.


BEITBRIDGE BORDER DRUG FACILITATOR: A K9 @PoliceZimbabwe Officer called MPALA in Beitbridge takes bribes with his team allowing malaichas to bring in drugs & bronco. Malaichais notify him when they’re still kms aways & pay him kuti masniffer asaende kumota dzavo.


By Mandisa