Game On the Brink: Yadah FC Refuses to Play Highlanders at Barbourfields Stadium[Image Credit: Nehanda Radio]

Game On the Brink: Yadah FC Refuses to Play Highlanders at Barbourfields Stadium

Yadah FC are refusing to play Highlanders at Barbourfields stadium fearing for the well-being of their players, officials and their passionate supporters. The club has taken decisive action by formally requesting a change of venue.

Safety Concerns Prompt Change of Venue Request

Yadah, through their legal representatives, has written a letter to the Premier Soccer League. They outlined their concerns and requested the relocation of the match from Barbourfields to Bata Stadium in Gweru.

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The club believes that the hostile environment created by Highlanders supporters poses a threat to the safety and well-being of their team and supporters.

Referee Independence and Player Intimidation Concerns

Yadah’s legal team has highlighted two key factors in their request for venue change. Firstly, they express concerns that match officials may succumb to pressure from Highlanders supporters. The pressure could compromise the fairness of decisions made during the game. Secondly, they argue that the players may be intimidated by the hostile atmosphere, potentially hindering their performance on the field.

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“This situation greatly undermines the principles of fair play and jeopardises the integrity of the game,” stated Yadah’s representatives. “Our client anticipates that its players will be inhibited from performing to their full potential. Due to the fear of incensing Highlanders FC supporters. This fear could lead to a detrimental effect on their performance. And could result in an unfair competition, where the principle of fair play cannot be achieved.”

Arrests Made in Connection with Barbourfields Violence

The police have taken action in response to the violence that occurred at Barbourfields Stadium. National police spokesman Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed that 12 suspects have been arrested, with charges ranging from contravening the Firearms Act to criminal nuisance and public violence. The police assure the public that comprehensive investigations are ongoing.