Alick Macheso [Image: Twitter/@bayhaus]

A man from Sunninghill suburb in Bulawayo has been arrested after assaulting his wife for refusing to give him money to attend an Alick Macheso concert. Trymore Madzungaire allegedly hit his wife, Portia Mapfunga, with an unknown object multiple times all over her body. Mapfunga sustained injuries and was admitted to a hospital for treatment. Madzungaire has been charged with physical abuse and was remanded in custody to April 21st.

Obsessed with Alick Macheso’s show

According to B-Metro, Madzungaire had demanded money from his wife at her vending stall to attend the Alick Macheso show, which took place at the Parkview Pub and Grill in the city on Friday last week. When Mapfunga refused to give him money, Madzungaire became angry and left. Later that evening, Madzungaire returned home and locked his wife inside the house before assaulting her.

“He was obsessed with the show, and he demanded money from me to go and attend it. When I refused, he became violent and left the house. Later in the evening, he came back and attacked me, leaving me with injuries all over my body,” said Mapfunga.

Madzungaire’s claims self-defense

During his court appearance, Madzungaire claimed that he was acting in self-defense when he assaulted his wife. He stated that Mapfunga had allegedly stabbed him with a screwdriver during the altercation, causing him to sustain an injury on his arm. Madzungaire requested to be remanded out of custody to seek medical attention for his injury.

“ She was the aggressor, and she stabbed me with a screwdriver, so l also need to go and seek medical attention since I was also injured,” said Madzungaire.

Violence not the answer

This incident highlights the dangers of domestic violence and the need to resolve conflicts in a non-violent manner. The obsession with music or any other hobby should never lead to violence against loved ones. As the investigation into this case continues, it is essential to raise awareness about the importance of seeking help and counseling for individuals struggling with violent behavior.