Fatal Fistfight Over Women: Glen View 4 Man Loses Life at Dallas Night Club[Image Credit: H-Metro]

Fatal Fistfight Over Women: Glen View 4 Man Loses Life at Dallas Night Club

Geodrick Mushonga, a man from Glen View 4, tragically lost his life on Sunday after being stabbed during a fistfight over women at Dallas Night Club.

The Victim and the Attack

Mushonga, accompanied by his friend Douglas Pasipanodya, became the targets of a violent assault. The assailants, three unidentified men, confronted them, leading to a fatal altercation.

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Confirmation from Harare Provincial Police

Inspector Luckmore Chakanza, the spokesperson for Harare Provincial police, verified the incident. According to Inspector Chakanza, a dispute erupted between Geodrick and six unknown men who were also present at the nightclub.

“A dispute occurred between the now deceased, and six unknown male adults, who were also drinking beer in the same nightclub. “The unknown persons assaulted the now deceased and Douglas,” stated Inspector Chakanza.

The Intensifying Attack

The altercation escalated as the unknown assailants brutally assaulted Mushonga and Douglas. The attackers then fled from the nightclub, relentlessly pursuing the victims to a nearby bus terminus. Mushonga bore the brunt of their aggression, resulting in his tragic demise.

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Eye-Witness Account

Mushonga’s neighbor shed light on the motive behind the attack. Allegedly, the assailants were from Churu Farm and sought revenge against Geodrick. The motive stemmed from a disagreement over women, as Mushonga’s friend was enjoying the company of some ladies whom the attackers also desired. They pressured Mushonga to facilitate their interaction with the women, but he refused.

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A Fatal Intervention

As tensions escalated, Mushonga was advised to leave the night club. He initially complied but later returned to find his friend, Douglas, being assaulted by the accused individuals. In a brave attempt to protect his friend, he intervened, which led to the assailants turning their fury towards him. The attack intensified as they pursued him to the bus terminus, where the fatal stabbing occurred.