\Exposed in Shame: Prophets Abandons Clothing in Daring Escape After Being Caught Red-Handed with a Married Woman[Image: Pindula]

Shocking Revelation: Prophet Caught Naked in Healing Session Gone Wrong!


In a shocking incident that unfolded in the Amaveni suburb, a self-proclaimed prophet from Kwekwe, only known as Chikandamina, was forced to flee without his clothes after he found himself in a scandalous and dramatic situation when he was caught attempting to sleep with a married woman during what was supposed to be a healing session at his shrine.

Desperate for Healing, Deceived into Harm

According to B-Metro, it is said that the woman, longing for a cure to her troubles, sought solace with Prophet Chikandamina. However, she had no idea that this encounter would take a disturbing turn. Taking advantage of her vulnerability, Chikandamina deceitfully claimed that engaging in sexual intercourse was an integral part of the healing process.

WhatsApp Message Shatters Deception

Feeling uneasy about the situation, the woman discreetly sent a distressing WhatsApp message to her husband, informing him of the prophet’s intentions. Acting swiftly, the husband rushed to the scene, unaware of the shocking discovery awaiting him.

2-year Jail Term For Unregistered Sangomas And Madzibaba
2-year Jail Term For Unregistered Sangomas And Madzibaba [Image; Pindula]
Naked Escape: A Bizarre Encounter Unfolds

Arriving at the shrine, the husband was met with a horrifying sight. His wife lay on the ground while Prophet Chikandamina was in the process of removing his underwear, preparing to assault her. Caught red-handed, Chikandamina had no choice but to flee, running naked through the streets, clutching his trousers and underwear.

Authorities on the Hunt for the Deceitful Prophet

The traumatized couple wasted no time in reporting the prophet’s heinous actions to the police. Midlands province police spokesperson Emmanuel Mahoko confirmed the incident and stated that a manhunt is underway to apprehend Chikandamina and bring him to justice. Such disturbing incidents not only tarnish the reputation of genuine spiritual leaders but also prey upon the innocent and vulnerable, causing irreparable harm.

Cautionary Tale: Vigilance against Exploitation

In light of this shocking revelation, it is crucial to exercise caution and scepticism when dealing with individuals claiming supernatural powers. Genuine spiritual leaders should uphold ethical practices and prioritize the well-being of their followers. Authorities urge the public to report any suspicious activities, ensuring that justice is served and innocent lives are protected.

Protecting the Vulnerable: Seeking Guidance from Legitimate Sources

As the search for Prophet Chikandamina continues, it serves as a stark reminder to seek guidance from legitimate sources and remain vigilant against those who exploit trust for personal gain. This incident exposes the dark side of some self-proclaimed prophets who abuse their positions of authority for their own depraved desires.


In the face of this shocking revelation, it is imperative to recognize the importance of distinguishing between true spiritual leaders and those driven by deceitful motives. Let this incident serve as a cautionary tale, shedding light on the dangers that lurk within certain corners of the spiritual realm.