Cheating Husband's Double Life: Shocking Lie Exposed at Traditional Court!!Image Credit-SlymediaTv Youtube

Cheating Husband’s Double Life: Shocking Lie Exposed at Traditional Court!!

A cheating husband man impregnated his girlfriend, leading to a dramatic case in a Zimbabwean traditional court. Silas Govere, demanded Kelvin Magombeya to pay bride price of USD 2000, three cattle and three goats for impregnating her daughter Irene. Chief Makoni presided over the case, where differing accounts emerged.

Father-in-law demands lobola

Govere claimed that when he found out his daughter was pregnant, he sent her to stay with Magombeya, who he believed was single. However, when Irene and her aunties arrived, they found out he was already married. Govere claims that they were then harassed and rejected. His sisters then decided to take their daughter back home. Now that Irene is about to have her first child, Govere is now demanding Magombeya to pay lobola.

Cheating Husband Claims Girlfriend Agreed to Polygamy

Magombeya admitted to impregnating Irene and agreed with most of what Govere said. However, he claimed that his girlfriend and her aunties were not harassed and rejected. Kelvin insisted that he still loves his girlfriend. Magombeya claimed that he had been dating Irene for a year and had told her he was married. He said that she had agreed to become his second wife. Magombeya argued that it was Irene’s aunties who caused all the drama and that they had rejected his plan of looking for another house to stay with his girlfriend. They insisted that Irene should stay with Magombeya’s wife, which she refused to do.

Girlfriend Disputes Polygamy Claim

Irene disputed Magombeya’s version of events, saying that he had never said that he was married. She insisted that Kelvin even lied that his wife was actually his sister. Irene was asked if she wanted to become Magombeya’s second wife, but she declined.

Court orders Magombeya to pay damages

The traditional court ordered Magombeya to pay damages of two cattle, three goats, and USD 60 as damage. Three goats and the USD 60 are to be paid within a month, with the two cattle to be paid within six months.