[Image Credit: H-Metro]

E-Creator Scam Conspirator Finally Caught! Legal Showdown Begins!

In a major breakthrough, Abraham Mutambu, a key suspect in the E-Creator US$1 million scam, has finally been captured and presented before the court following his month-long evasion from authorities.

Seeking Refuge in Chihota Rural

After eluding law enforcement for an extended period, Mutambu was discovered hiding in the rural region of Chihota, where he had concealed himself in an attempt to evade capture. However, a crucial tip-off led to his location and subsequent arrest, reported hmetro.

Facing Charges Before the Magistrate

Appearing before Harare magistrate Dennis Mangosi, Mutambu was formally charged, although he was not required to enter a plea at this stage of the legal proceedings.

A Piece in a Larger Puzzle

Mutambu played a supporting role alongside Zhao Jiaotong, Trymore Tapfumaneyi, Justin Kuchekenya, and Billy Thomas Syedou in the intricate web of the E-Creator scam. Earlier this year, they collectively established E-Creator Economic Commerce Private Limited, positioning it as an online e-commerce operator.

The Ponzi Scheme Unveiled

Operating under the guise of their company, the perpetrators lured investors with the promise of substantial monthly returns. Zimbabweans eagerly invested amounts of up to US$1,000, unaware that they were unwittingly participating in a Ponzi scheme.

Influencers and Media Manipulation

To lend an air of legitimacy to their fraudulent enterprise, Jiaotong and his associates strategically employed media outlets and popular social media influencers to endorse their scheme. They also enlisted agents nationwide to market the business, resulting in investments totaling up to US$1 million.

Unraveling of Deception

The elaborate scheme began to crumble on July 5 when subscribers discovered the sudden closure of the company, leaving them without access to their hard-earned funds.

Bail Denied for Key Figures

In a significant blow to the alleged masterminds of the E-Creator scam, Zhao Jiaotong, Trymore Tapfumaneyi, and Justin Kuchekenya were previously denied bail by Harare magistrate Marewanazvo Gofa last month.