E-Creator Ponzi Scheme: Shadaya Mocks All Men Who Fell Victim To Pyramid Scam!

E-Creator Ponzi Scheme: Shadaya Mocks All Men Who Fell Victim To Pyramid Scam!

Shadaya, a self-proclaimed alpha male, took to Twitter to mock all men who invested in E-Creator. He stated that they were “simps” because they ignored all red flags and advice from others.

“Any man who got scammed by this e-creator ponzi/pyramid is simply a simp,” posted Sahadaya. “Money & women are not so much different things.”

He further stated that there is no such thing as easy money and that money is earned, not given.

“There’s no such thing as easy money, money is an exchange of value, it is earned not given. Whenever you ignore logic, you’re bent to get punished for being an idiot,” tweeted Alpha.

E-Creator Scandal

A Zimbabwean Ponzi scheme called E-Creator has reportedly collapsed after its alleged founder and Chinese national, Zhao Jiaotong, absconded with all the deposits made by the company’s employees. The scheme had recently been trending on social media.

E-Creator Accuses Zhao Jiaotong of Fraud

The collapse of the scheme was announced on social media by E-Creator itself, which accused Jiaotong of fraudulently withdrawing cash from employees’ EcoCash accounts with plans to flee the country. The company posted a purported identity document of Jiaotong and called on members of the scheme to help recover the stolen funds.

E-Creator Unable to Honour Withdrawals

E-Creator had recently admitted that it was unable to honour withdrawals. They claimed that it had obtained the E-Creator Merchant Account of EcoCash which needed to be connected with EcoCash. The company had promised its employees that they need not worry about cash withdrawals, as the company headquarters would handle all related issues.