List Of The Most Savage & Hillarious Comments On Mai Titi's MarriagesList Of The Most Savage & Hillarious Comments On Mai Titi's Marriages

Compiled: List Of The Savage & Hillarious Comments On Mai Titi’s Marriages 

Social media personality Mai Titi this week found herself trending online after one of her ex-husbands decided to display some of their laundry during happier times to the public.

Taking to Instagram, Mai Titi’s ex, Charles Obina Ugwa shared old photos where the comedienne was captured sitting on his bed, which was covered by unwelcoming dirty old blankets. Captioning the pictures, Obina said Mai Titi was ashamed of his modest living conditions, and also took the opportunity to dismiss the socialite’s claims that she had lost a fortune buying him stuff.

She never wanted me to take any pictures in my one room apartment because of her status. She said and I quote “Baby the reason I always want to stay in a hotel whenever I come visiting you is very simple… I can’t be seen coming out of such a place. Imagine what my fans would say if they saw me coming out of that your place”… Those were her words to me. Remember she also told you guys that I ran away with her property she bought… Let me correct that one… Every damn thing in my little one room apartment was bought with my blood and sweat… Not one thing was bought by her…

Riding on this wave, a question was posed on who was the worst among Mai Titi’s last three partners 1.Zizoe Pamyk,  2.Charles Obina Ugwa, and 3.Tinashe Maphosa.

Check out some of the hilarious responses to the question below;

Letty Thelady 

Ya Tinashe yakaita 2-3 months kunge hembe dzevana

Failes Alice Manyange

Tinashe anotyisa even face yake kunge shireki

Nicole Chabvuta

Pese pakafamba satan asi number 3 akauuya ane punch iii she was soo strong to survive

Sipiweyinkosi Buhlungu

Yekutanga ingori rureshenishipi then 2 and 3 are the marriages I can describe as disasters

Talent Tawengwa

Somehow l feel like the universe is always conspiring against her pamujolo apa ,she is a good woman anoda munhu nemoyo wese gumbeza rehondo riya raakafuga kurewa kuti anga apera. Unfortunately anosangana nematsotsi

Mai Chichi NaMufaro

1 and 2 were my best 3 ingozi chaiyo botsoo!

Ephiness Rue Mhindu

Dai ndirini mai tit ndaisiyana nazvo zvemerej izvi anenge asina callng yacho

By Mandisa