Mai Mujuru Farm PicturesMai Mujuru Farm Pictures [image; Tinoedza Zvimwe Twitter]

She Is No Hard Worker, Just Privileged: Follow As Debate Erupts Over Ex-VP Mai Mujuru Farm Pictures

Former Zimbabwe’s Vice President, Joyce Teurairopa Mujuru has sparked debate on social media following the emergence of her images in farm gear by the fields.

In the images, Mujuru is captured all muddied up, showing she was actively part of whatever farm activity that was taking.

Reacting to this, presidential spokesperson George Charamba praised Mai Mujuru for hard word and aligning with the head of State’s mantra, “nyika inovakwa nevene vayo.”

WHEN OUR LEADERS ARE READY TO DIRTY THEIR HANDS FOR THIS ECONOMY, NATION AND COUNTRY, real patriots applaud and, what is more, JOIN IN THE EFFORT!! Thank you Dr JTR Mujuru!!!! #NyikaInovakwaNeveneVayo!!!

But a section on Twitter trashed the hard work praises saying ZANU PF aligned individuals have all resources at their disposal for free to aid their little work.
I repeat “Shiri inozongofa” All ZANUPF goons are privileged to farming inputs, no repayment,they use FREE electricity in their farms no payment,they took out loans under Command Agriculture ,no payment,the parastatals are kneeling coz of them,apa Shiri yakafa!! Feed through CUT!
Musatipe pressure!! Hatina ma government position to propel our hard work!!
brian j dube
And people who made a fortune through linking up with them like the Mawarire and mliswa guys will tell about hard work, those who say something about hard work it’s us who crossed boaders with just a pair of shoes and no place to sleep not zanupf enabled elites Mani!
Disband ZEC
Now u talking, why w’d anyone vote for Cdes who took care of themselves only while in government, then allocated themselves best farms, free equipment, inputs, now setting up retirement on those farms, with or without production, while young agriculture graduates sell mangoes.
Mai Mujuru was a top member of the ruling ZANU PF and and the country’s vice president until she was fired for plotting to dethrone then President Robert Mugabe.

By Mandisa