Chitungwiza Woman Arrested For Killing Her Two-month-old Daughter and Dumping her in Toilet[Image Credit: iStock]

Chitungwiza Woman Arrested For Killing Her Two-month-old Daughter and Dumping her in Toilet

A 20-year-old woman from Chitungwiza has been arrested for allegedly killing her two-month-old daughter and dumping her in toilet at Charigwati Village in Seke.

Escape and Discovery

Escaping from Chitungwiza while her husband was at work, the woman relocated to Mayambara Village, Seke. The crime only came to light when the husband discovered his wife without their child on December 22, 2023. Subsequently, the police retrieved the remains from the disused toilet.

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Unexpected Birth in Kombi During City Ride

In another remarkable story, an eventful incident unfolded during a woman’s kombi ride in Dangamvura, Mutare. Patricia Chitsa, en route to Sakubva District Hospital for a routine antenatal check-up, unexpectedly gave birth to a baby boy inside the crowded city-bound vehicle.

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Smooth Delivery and Assistance

The driver Walter Mahwite

With the pre-teen aiding in the delivery, the baby was safely handed to Ms. Chitsa, eliciting joy from fellow passengers and onlookers. Despite the unforeseen circumstances, the delivery proceeded smoothly. Tawanda is Chitsa’s third child.

Gratitude and Unanticipated Labor

During an interview at Sakubva District Hospital, Ms. Chitsa shared her dramatic experience. She expressed her surprise at going into labor two months ahead of her expected delivery date. She mentioned feeling contractions during the ride and calling for help, which prompted the passengers to alert the driver to stop the vehicle.

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Ms. Chitsa and her newborn were promptly transported by the kombi crew, known as the “Yellowbone” team, to Sakubva District Hospital, where they were pronounced healthy. Both Ms. Chitsa and her husband, Mr. Nyasha, expressed their gratitude to the crew and passengers for their assistance during the unexpected birth.


These cases demonstrate shocking actions within the human race. The Chitungwiza woman’s act highlights a concerning trend, supported by a similar case reported by Zimmorningpost.