Bulawayo CID Arrested in Victoria Falls For Armed For Robbery Spree[Image Credit: ZRP X]

Bulawayo CID Arrested in Victoria Falls For Armed For Robbery Spree

A Bulawayo Criminal Investigations Detective (CID)  Wellington Ndoro has been arrested for his involvement in an armed robbery spree in Victoria Falls. Detective Ndoro was allegedly the getaway driver for the operation.

Police Warn of Consequences for Law-Breaking Officers

Paul Nyathi

National police spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, issued a stern warning to police officers involved in criminal activities. He emphasized that the Zimbabwe ZRP does not tolerate such behavior and that due legal processes will be followed to ensure appropriate punishment for the offenders.

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Planned Robberies and Getaway Car

Ndoro, currently on leave, reportedly conspired with Felias Mvula and four other individuals who are currently at large to carry out a series of planned robberies in Victoria Falls. The gang purportedly possessed two pistols and had intentions to target houses and businesses in the area.

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Foiled Robbery Attempt and Pursuit

Their plans were thwarted when the daughter of a targeted house owner spotted one of the robbers attempting to force open the main door. She alerted her father, who promptly contacted the neighborhood watch committee. The committee members arrived swiftly, causing the four robbers to flee the scene. Ndoro and Mvula, in their getaway car, also sped away.

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Arrests and Ongoing Manhunt

The neighborhood watch team, in a land cruiser, crashed into the robbers’ car, forcing it to stop suddenly. Ndoro and Mvula used the commotion to escape in separate directions. Nevertheless, Ndoro was found hiding in a house with the help of local police, while Mvula was found in a trench. Presently, the four remaining accomplices are still on the run, and authorities are actively working to locate and capture them.

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The arrests of Ndoro and Mvula serve as a reminder that no one, regardless of their profession, is above the law. The ZRP‘s commitment to upholding justice and ensuring the safety of the public remains steadfast.