Bulawayo Mayor Rejected VIP Treatment: Coltart Declines Fancy Cars[Image Credit: Twitter]

Bulawayo Mayor Rejected VIP Treatment: Coltart Declines Fancy Cars

The newly-elected mayor of Bulawayo, David Coltart, rejected the VIP treatment, by declining fancy cars designated for his mayoral position. Instead, he advocated for the reallocation of funds towards vital service delivery initiatives that are crucial for the city’s progress. Speaking at a Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) engagement meeting, Coltart highlighted the pressing need for essential resources in the city.

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Service Delivery Deficit

Coltart revealed that Bulawayo currently faces a shortage of vital equipment, including refuse compactors, ambulances, and fire engines. With only six refuse compactors instead of the necessary minimum of eleven, a scarcity of ambulances (five out of the required thirty), and just four fire engines, the city is grappling with a significant service deficit.

A Call to Prioritize City’s Needs

Emphasizing the urgency of the situation, Coltart stressed the importance of prioritizing the city’s requirements over personal benefits.

“We have a serious task ahead of us and it starts with me. Each and every one of us has to commit themselves to this foundational principle of putting the city first. We are here to serve and not to be served,” he passionately declared.

The former government minister called upon all residents to unite in their efforts to revive Bulawayo’s reputation for cleanliness and efficient service delivery.

Collective Responsibility for Change

Coltart encouraged a collective effort to reshape the city’s future. He emphasized that positive change does not necessarily require financial resources.

“We must be the change we want to see. It starts with us and we have to do this collectively,” stated Bulawayo Mayor. “It doesn’t take any money at all to tidy up outside your own home, street and in front of your business.”

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Counting on their mayor’s track record, Bulawayo residents have faith in his commitment to fulfilling promises. During his tenure as Minister of Education, he provided books to schools and ensured teachers received adequate salaries, as reported by The Zimbabwean Newspaper.