18-Year-Old Woman Involved in 18-month-old Baby Torture Case Freed After One-Night In Jail[Image Credit: H-Metro]

18-Year-Old Woman Involved in 18-month-old Baby Torture Case Freed After One-Night In Jail

Eastview, 18-year-old woman who was arrested for inflicting torture on her sister’s 18-month-old baby was freed after spending one night in jail. Brenda Gwiriri assaulted her sister’s baby by tying the toddler to a wardrobe while she ran errands.

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She was released on Monday, and the toddler was returned to her mother, Sibongile Nyambayo.

Meeting Held at Victim Friendly Unit

Following Brenda’s release, a meeting took place at the Victim Friendly Unit (VFU), where she was reunited with her family. Brenda expressed her relief, saying, “I was freed, and the baby is now with her mother.” Her fear of potential retaliation from neighbors, who were outraged by the abuse, led her to seek refuge in Chitungwiza.

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Mother and Child Reunited

Sibongile confirmed the reunion with her daughter, stating that she was on her way to Mutare with the child.

“I took the child, and I am on my way back to Mutare,” she affirmed.

The baby’s father, Owen Mandeya, arrived at Mabvuku Police Station only to find that the child had already been collected by Sibongile. Owen expressed his confusion about how the baby had ended up in Brenda’s care.

“I found her gone with the child and I do not know how the baby ended up in Brenda’s hands,” said Owen.

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The alarming incident underscores the urgency of safeguarding children’s welfare and promptly addressing abuse cases, given the reported rise in such incidents according to iHarare. Brenda’s release and the reunion between the toddler and her mother represent significant strides towards ensuring the child’s safety and bringing closure to this deeply troubling situation.