Nyanga Man Haunted by Sangoma's Vengeful Baboons and Chilling Whispers[Image Credit: iStock]

Nyanga Man Haunted by Sangoma’s Vengeful Baboons and Chilling Whispers

A Nyanga man who visited a traditional healer to seek help for his wife’s infertility is now being haunted by sangoma’s baboons. Innocent Ndaruza(29), claims that he is being troubled by mysterious voices demanding payment for the services rendered by Sekuru Chihwa.

Failed Promise Leads to Haunting

Ndaruza explains that he visited Sekuru Chihwa with hopes of conceiving a child with his wife. The sangoma charged him a fee of US$150, to be paid within two months. However, due to losing his job, Ndaruza failed to fulfill the payment agreement.

Baboon Visits and Haunting Voices

Ndaruza alleges that Sekuru Chihwa has been sending baboons to his home to torment him until he settles the outstanding amount. Additionally, disturbing voices can be heard outside their home, demanding payment, even though no one is visible when they investigate.

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Long Struggle for Parenthood

Prior to consulting Sekuru Chihwa, Ndaruza and his wife faced years of infertility struggles including multiple miscarriages. In desperation, Ndaruza even married a second wife, assuming his first wife was unable to conceive.

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Concerned about the well-being of his wife and unborn child, Ndaruza fears that the baboon visits and haunting voices may jeopardize the pregnancy. He worries that the entities claim they will reclaim what belongs to them, which in this case is the pregnancy itself.

Ancestral Spirits and Resolution

Sekuru, contacted by reporters, verified the allegations made by the Nyanga man and forgave him. He plans to seek permission from his ancestors to accept US$150, dismissing the US$300 interest.

“It is true that this man approached me and we helped him. I told him to pay in two months, but he failed. He came back five months later with the money. Maybe he doubted my powers,” stated Sekuru. “I never asked him to pay consultation fees when he visited me for my services.”

Nevertheless, he imposes a strict deadline i.e end of September and warns of grave consequences for non-payment.

“Since you have called me, I have forgiven him. I will intercede to my ancestors on his behalf so that they can give me the nod to accept his money. I will take the US$150 which I had charged him and we forget about the interest,” continued sangoma Chihwa.


This cautionary tale reminds people seeking traditional healers’ assistance to honor their commitments and avoid similar experiences. Traditional healers exist to help, not frighten or intimidate individuals.