Anti-Feminists Pearl Davis and Shadaya Slam Modern Feminism in Viral Video Anti-Feminists Pearl Davis and Shadaya Slam Modern Feminism in Viral Video

Anti-Feminists Pearl Davis and Shadaya Slam Modern Feminism in Viral Video

Two prominent anti-feminists, Shadaya and Pearl Davis, engaged in a fiery discussion, highlighting what they perceive as deep flaws within modern feminism.

Challenging Modern Feminism

Pearl, also known as the “Female Andrew Tate,” gained prominence for her provocative approach towards modern feminism. During the call, she questioned Shadaya’s stance on gay marriage, to which he responded by labeling it an abomination and emphasizing its non-acceptance in African culture.

Shadaya’s Interpretation on Woman’s Request for a Break

The conversation took an intriguing turn when Pearl inquired about Shadaya’s interpretation of a woman asking a man for a three-month break. Shadaya boldly claimed that the woman intended to engage in relations with other men during that time.

He controversially stated, “I need to test other men for the coming three months. If it fails, I will come back to you, considering you’re the safe guy.”

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Davis’s Rise to Fame

Female Andrew Tate achieved viral fame through a video where she expressed her views on why women shouldn’t vote. Her controversial statements drew attention and led to an interview invitation from Piers Morgan, further amplifying her message.

Unearthing Men’s Anger

During her interview, Female Andrew Tate delved into her research on why men harbor resentment towards women. She highlighted several factors contributing to their anger. Firstly, she claimed that 90% of women have used birth control, which seemingly fuels male frustration. Secondly, she asserted that one in three women has an STD, adding to the perceived grievances.

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Additionally, Pearl stated that the average body count for women exceeds five, insinuating that wives may have had multiple partners. Lastly, she controversially claimed that 95% of modern women are not virgins on their wedding day, further fueling the men’s complaints.


As opinions clash and controversial figures like Shadaya and Pearl Davis voice their perspectives, the discourse surrounding modern feminism continues to be fraught with contention and polarizing viewpoints.