Alick Macheso's Heart Beats Louder for Family Shows: Witness the Magic Unfold at Winter Family BashImage Credit: Alick Macheso Facebook

Alick Macheso’s Heart Beats Louder for Family Shows: Witness the Magic Unfold at Winter Family Bash

Sungura legend musician Alick Macheso recently emphasized the significance of family and the value of events dedicated to fostering family bonds. In an exclusive interview with H-Metro, Macheso expressed his commitment to prioritizing family shows. He citied that family shows create opportunities for families to come together and enjoy his music. Macheso is excited about the Winter Warmer Family Bash at Harare Gardens, where he hopes to bring families together through music.

Macheso’s Perspective

Macheso, a seasoned performer, revealed that family shows hold a special place in his heart. He expressed his joy in witnessing parents and children enjoying his music together in one place. Ba Shero acknowledged his demanding nature of his schedule but emphasized the importance of family events.

He stated, “Most of our schedules are demanding, nhasi Baba vabuda neuko mai neuko kunoshava. It is only at such events when they can get the chance to be together with their families.”

The Winter Warmer Family Bash, scheduled to take place at Harare Gardens on Sunday, promises to be a memorable event for families. Macheso emphasized the significance of starting the event early in the day. Starting early allows children to witness their favorite artists’ performances. He extended an invitation to families, encouraging them to attend the event in large numbers and enjoy a day of fun and togetherness. Macheso expressed his excitement about returning to Harare Gardens for a family show.

Supporting Acts and Additional Shows

Macheso will share the stage with talented artists such as Dorcas Moyo, Mathias Mhere, Silent Killer, Diamond Musica, Mrciless Zim, and Dj Tanaman. The lineup offers diverse musical performances for the family audience. Macheso will perform at Gatsi Sports Bar in Chegutu on Saturday with Samandla Ndebele.