Al Jazeera Under Fire As Corruption Documentary Is Held[Image; Hopewell Chin'ono Facebook]

Al Jazeera Halts Release Of Highly Anticipated Explosive Documentary Into Zimbabwe Corruption


Viewers eagerly awaited the airing of Al Jazeera’s highly anticipated four-part investigation into corruption in Zimbabwe. However, to everyone’s surprise, the news network abruptly halted the broadcast of the first episode of “Gold Mafia” on Thursday, sparking speculation about the reason behind the unexpected pause.

The investigation, which took two years to complete, was carried out by Al Jazeera’s undercover journalists from their Investigative Unit, who infiltrated criminal gangs controlling the African gold trade in Zimbabwe. The series promises to expose the complicity of global financial institutions, regulators, and governments in the illegal activity.

In a statement, Al Jazeera said that they would no longer release the Zimbabwe report but did not provide a reason for the sudden halt. However, sources suggest that the investigation may have hit too close to home for some of the country’s ruling elite.

In a terse statement, Al Jazeera said,

“The report we were planning to release will no longer be released this morning,” it said. “Bear with us while a new release time is arranged.”


Al Jazeera Halts Release Of Highly Anticipated Explosive Documentary Into Zimbabwe Corruption

The first episode, titled “The Laundry Service,” allegedly reveals how members of Zimbabwe’s ruling elite employ the Gold Mafia to export gold on the government’s behalf and evade international sanctions. The investigation alleges that government officials offered to launder over $100 million through the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, with some even soliciting gifts from the criminal underworld.

Al Jazeera’s investigation further reveals that the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe is the centre of operations for the Gold Mafia, with the criminal network turning dirty cash into gold, which is sold around the world. The investigation alleges that criminal networks use the sale of gold to turn their dirty cash into clean money.

Al Jazeera’s “Gold Mafia” is a shocking revelation of the inner workings of the African gold trade and the complicity of those in power. Stay tuned for more information as Al Jazeera works to arrange a new release time for the remaining episodes of this groundbreaking investigation.