AKAZVICHEKERESA: Sekuru Mlauzi Shares Shocking Details of Prophet Passion Java's Money RitualsImage Credit: Facebook

AKAZVICHEKERESA: Sekuru Mlauzi Shares Shocking Details of Prophet Passion Java’s Money Rituals

Prophet Passion Java and his brother Simbarashe Java, visited Sangoma Sekuru Mlauzi in 2011 at Binga to obtain dark powers to become wealthy. In an interview, Sekuru Mlauzi provided more details about the ritual that Prophet Passion Java performed to be famous and fifthy rich.

The Ritual Options Presented by Sekuru Mlauzi

During the visit, Sekuru Mlauzi gave them ritual options such as Instant moneyMagic Wallet, and Money Ritual, all requiring strict conditions and sacrifices. Sekuru explained that the Instant money ritual involves sacrificing a lamp, while the Magic Wallet is done by processing the owner’s wallet to engineer money. The Money ritual involves sacrificing human blood, preferably from the same bloodline, to become wealthy.

Passion Java’s Choice: The Jongwe Ritual

Passion Java chose the Money Ritual but requeste Sekuru not to involve his family in the sacrifice. Instead, he requested a Rooster ritual known as the “Jongwe Ritual,” where the cock is given cob maize to eat. The number of cobs eaten represents the time spent filthy rich. During the ritual, Simba, Passion’s younger brother, became afraid and declined to participate.

Java’s Return and Request for Additional Powers

In 2012, Passion Java returned to Sekuru Mlauzi to testify that he was making money but had not yet achieved true wealth. Java expressed his desire to sponsor local musicians and become famous without arousing suspicion about the source of his wealth. He asked Sekuru Mlauzi to provide him with powers to forecast pupil’s names and histories, known as “Gora.” However, Sekuru refused to grant him the power of prophecy. Instead, he performed another ritual to make Java famous and ensure success in his endeavors.

Simba’s Appeal for Assistance

After facing challenges in his life, Simba, Passion Java’s brother, sought help from Sekuru Mlauzi. Simba relayed the mistreatment he had endured from Passion, including insults on social media. Touched by Simba’s plight, Sekuru Mlauzi requested to meet Passion in Binga. He assured Simba that the ritual Passion had chosen did not prevent him from helping his relatives. However, when Simba delivered the message, Passion laughed and dismissed Sekuru Mlauzi, declaring him irrelevant in his life.


Passion Java’s journey to wealth has sparked controversy among many Zimbabweans. Some criticize his methods, while others defend him, saying he is using his God-given talent to become successful. Sekuru Mlauzi’s revelations have added fuel to the controversy, with some calling for an investigation into Passion Java‘s wealth.