80-Year-Old Granny's Bedroom Violated, Molested by 24-Year-Old[Image Credit: Face of Malawi]

80-Year-Old Granny’s Bedroom Violated, Molested by 24-Year-Old

Onele Ngqatha, a 24-year-old man, violated a 80-year-old granny’s bedroom and molested her throughout the night. The Mbembesi man, appeared in court on charges of assault.

Details of the Assault

It is alleged that sometime in October of this year, Ngqatha went to the elderly woman’s homestead during the night. Upon arrival, he broke her bedroom window to gain entry. Once inside, he silently approached the 80-year-old’s bed, groped her breasts and buttocks before molesting her.

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After forcefully engaging in sexual intercourse with her, he remained on top of her, reportedly molesting her for a second time.

Disturbing Acts of Assault

A Elderly Granny Crying

The court further heard that Ngqatha then slept beside the victim, continuing to fondle her breasts and caress her body. Shockingly, he proceeded to bed her for a third time.

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Granny’s Courageous Escape

After enduring the horrific ordeal, the victim mustered the courage to excuse herself, claiming she needed water from the kitchen. Once there, she confided in her granddaughter, recounting the traumatic experience.

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Together, the shocked granddaughter and the granny returned to the bedroom, only to discover that Ngqatha had already fled the scene. However, they noticed that he had left behind his knobkerrie, a traditional weapon.

Reporting the Crime and Arrest

Realizing the significance of the evidence, they promptly took the knobkerrie to the local police station, reporting the incident and providing crucial information that led to Ngqatha’s subsequent arrest.

Court Appearance and Remand

Onele Ngqatha stood before Bulawayo regional magistrate Collet Ncube and was remanded in custody until November 8, 2023. He was not asked to enter a plea during the hearing.


As the court case progresses, our primary focus remains on achieving justice for the elderly victim. It is crucial to send a stern warning to potential offenders about the severe consequences of such heinous acts. Unfortunately, instances of rape are increasing, as exemplified by a recent report from H-Metro detailing the shocking rape of two Lord Malvern students by their fellow schoolmates.