Alpha Shadaya and Jiti King Baba Reconciled Over a Lunch[Image Credit: X]

Alpha Shadaya and Jiti King Baba Reconciled Over a Lunch

Alpha Shadaya and Jiti king Baba Harare have seemingly reconciled, after having a lunch together at Rabbit Hole Restaurant.

Reconciliation Over Traditional Meal

Shadaya and Baba Harare Having Lunch Together

Shadaya took to X, sharing a picture of himself and Baba Harare enjoying a traditional meal. Accompanying the photo, Shadaya made a profound statement, emphasizing the bond between them.

“When you see me going back and forth on social media with someone, that someone is family,” stated Alpha.

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Intellectual Capacity and Gender Issues

Previously, Alpha had expressed his reluctance to engage in an argument with City Father regarding how men should treat women, citing a lack of intellectual capacity on Baba Harare’s part. This comment had sparked tension between the two.

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Controversial Song and Allegations

Baba Harare recently released an album titled ‘Prove them wrong,’ featuring a song called ‘Bum Bum.’ The lyrics of the song stirred controversy, as it contained provocative lines that targeted Shadaya.

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The song highlighted Alpha’s alleged lack of emotional connection, which City Father claimed contributed to his aggressive behavior towards women.

Clap Back or Coincidence?

The release of ‘Bum Bum‘ by Baba Harare seemed like a direct response to Shadaya’s statement about their inability to discuss gender issues. The song appeared to be a clap back, addressing the accusations made against City Father by Alpha.

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With their recent reconciliation and shared meal, it appears that Alpha and City Father have put their differences aside. Whether this signifies a new chapter in their relationship or a temporary truce remains to be seen.