26-Year-Old Jailed 36 Years for Molesting Sisters[Image Credit: Ancestral Wisdom]

26-Year-Old Sangoma Jailed 36 Years for Molesting Sisters

A 26-year-old Rusape sangoma, Simbarashe Mutsetse jailed a 36years imprisonment sentence for molesting two sisters.

A Disturbing Pattern of Abuse

During the court proceedings, Simbarashe denied the charges citing that he did not molest the two sister but he was actually dated them. He alleged that he was initially involved with the younger sister but switched to her sister after she cheated on him.

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Further he asserted that their mother knew about the relationships as she called him son-in-law. However, the State, led by Rusape District Prosecutor, Ms Event Dhliwayo, presented compelling evidence that proved otherwise.

A Timeline of Horrific Crimes

The crimes took place between February 2020 and August 2022. The matter was first addressed by Chief Makoni, who imposed a fine of six cattle and six goats on Mutsetse for impregnating the sisters and coercing them into terminating their pregnancies. The community court subsequently reported the incident to the police, leading to Mutsetse’s arrest.

Manipulation and Threats

The prosecution revealed that Mutsetse, posing as a traditional healer, moved to Rusape and became the victims’ mother’s tenant. In February 2020, he convinced the girls’ mother that her older daughter required spiritual cleansing, which he claimed would be performed at Rusape Dam. The mother, unaware of his sinister intentions, was advised to remain behind in prayer while Mutsetse took the victim to the dam shrine.

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Forced Sexual Acts

At the shrine, Mutsetse invoked his supposed spirit medium and ordered the victim to engage in sleep with him as part of the cleansing ritual. Initially refusing, she eventually complied after facing threats of harm. Mutsetse covered her head with a traditional cloth and molested her twice. The abuse continued in the victim’s bedroom until May 2021.

Further Assaults and Discovery of the Crimes

Upon realizing the older sister was cheating on him, Mutsetse went on to repeat his trick and manipulated the younger sister. He again instructed the mother that he wanted to conduct another ritual, and took the younger sister to his shrine near Rusape Dam. Mutsetse coerced her into engaging in sexual acts, violating her twice before returning home. The abuse persisted until August 2022.

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A Brave Revelation and the Pursuit of Justice

The crimes came to light when the older victim realized her younger sister was being subjected to the same abuse and confided in their mother. Mutsetse, confronted by the victims’ neighbors, fled from the scene. During the trial, the victims’ mother accused Mutsetse of impregnating her daughters and coercing them into terminating the pregnancies under the guise of spiritual rituals.


Mutsetse’s reprehensible actions serve as a reminder for the public to be vigilant against fraudulent individuals posing as traditional healers. To address this issue, H-Metro recently published an informative article guiding readers on identifying fake sangomas.