ZRP Officer Faces Extortion Charges[Image Credit: ZRP.GOV.ZW]

ZRP Officer Faces Extortion Charges

A 49-year-old ZRP officer, Marshall Ngandu has appeared before Harare Magistrate Donald Ndirowei, facing charges of extortion. The allegations state that Ngandu conspired with a commercial sex worker, who is currently at large, to defraud a man of a substantial sum of money amounting to US$6,300.

Sex Worker Engagement Leads to Extortion Scheme

According to reports, the victim, Mark Anthony Naidoo (50), engaged the services of Behavior Makumbira, a commercial sex worker, for intimate activities. After their encounter, Naidoo paid Makumbira US$30 and exchanged phone numbers before parting ways amicably.

The Deceptive Message and the Police Connection

The following day, Naidoo received a WhatsApp message from an individual claiming to be “Tatsi” from the Harare Central Police Station. Shockingly, it was later revealed that the message was sent by Ngandu, who was using Makumbira’s cellphone. Ngandu summoned Naidoo to the police station for questioning, alleging that Naidoo had coerced Makumbira into performing oral sex against her will.

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The Extortion Scheme Unveiled

Upon Naidoo’s arrival at the police station, he was presented with a document containing the fabricated allegations. Firmly denying the accusations, Naidoo found himself in a precarious situation as Ngandu warned him of the potential consequences, including imprisonment. Ngandu proposed a compromise, suggesting that Naidoo should settle the matter with Makumbira to avoid further trouble.

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Demand for Money and Subsequent Extortion

Shocking Makumbira demanded a staggering US$3,500 from Naidoo as a condition for dropping the false rape allegations. Despite Naidoo’s attempts to negotiate a lower amount, Makumbira stood firm on her demand. Succumbing to the pressure, Naidoo reluctantly handed over US$3,500 to Makumbira.

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Collusion and the Culmination of Extortion

However, rather than ending there, the extortion plot continued to unfold. Makumbira retained US$2,000 for herself and subsequently gave US$1,500 to Ngandu, solidifying their collaboration in the scheme. In total, Naidoo was defrauded of an astonishing US$6,300.

The Arrest and the End of the Criminal Operation

Thankfully, the authorities were alerted to the ongoing extortion attempts, prompting them to set a trap. This meticulous operation resulted in the apprehension of Ngandu and Makumbira, effectively dismantling their criminal enterprise.