Zimdancehall Icon Blot's Shocking Move to Escape Drug Charges Revealed[Image Credit: Blot Facebook]

Zimdancehall Icon Blot’s Shocking Move to Escape Drug Charges Revealed

Zimdancehall icon Blot’s move to file a discharge request, claiming insufficient evidence in his drug possession case has gone viral.

Insufficient Evidence Presented, Argues Blot’s Lawyers

Blot’s lawyers, Ndanatswa Mazvimbakupa and Stanley Mtandadzi, filed the application on his behalf, contending that the State did not adequately prove its case against their client.

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They highlight a critical point made by a witness, Munyaradzi Makombe, who was part of the arresting team.

Witness Testimony Raises Doubts

According to the application, Makombe revealed during cross-examination that the tip-off received by the arresting team did not specify any particular individual. Instead, they only encountered Chioniso in the vehicle mentioned in the report. The defense team argues that this raises the possibility that the drugs found did not belong to Blot.

Inconsistent Exhibits and Lack of Physical Control

Blot’s defense highlights that the alleged drug paraphernalia, a bulb and lighter, were not presented as evidence. The defense argues that the State failed to prove Blot’s physical control over the illegal substance, a vital aspect of the accusation.

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“During cross examination, Makombe told the court that he did not search Blot on his person,” stated Makombe. “He did not find the sachet on him and confirmed that there was a possibility that the sachet could not have been Blot’s.”

Awaiting the Magistrate’s Ruling

The case is adjourned until September 7, when Magistrate Masaiona Shortgame is expected to deliver his ruling on the application for discharge. Blot’s future hangs in the balance as the court evaluates the evidence presented and determines whether the State has met the burden of proof, reported hmetro.


Fans and supporters of the popular Zimdancehall artiste eagerly await the court’s decision, hoping for a favorable outcome that would allow Blot to continue pursuing his musical career unhindered.  The ruling will bring closure to this legal chapter and shape the path forward for the talented performer.