Tendai Biti and Rusty MakhamImage Credit: Zim Mail

Zimbabwe’s Anti-Corruption Hero Tendai Biti Defeated in CCC Party Primaries By Makham

Tendai Biti, senior leader of Zimbabwe‘s main opposition party, the CCC, lost in the party’s primaries to Rusty Makham in Harare East. Biti is known for his anti-corruption efforts and representing his constituency well. 

Tendai Biti and Rusty Makham
Tendai Biti and Rusty Makham

Chin’ono laments Biti’s loss

Journalist Hopewell Chin’ono believes Biti’s defeat is a huge loss for the nation. “The Zimbabwean opposition has removed from parliament the most effective corruption fighter in Zimbabwe’s post-colonial history, Tendai Biti,” he said. Chin’ono also praised Biti’s work as finance minister from 2009 to 2013.

Mixed reactions to Biti’s loss


Like seriously?? No sane political party would want to lose a politician of Biti’s calibre. This is a blow for CCC. Chamisa would have seen it coming; he would pay for this!


That’s Democracy sir Hopewell… We can’t all be banking our hopes on Tendai Biti… Zimbabwe is too big to trust it’s future on Honorable Biti alone. If he’s good for CCC they will definitely find another means to get him to parliament.


Hon Tendai Biti is my favourite since I was a young boy ( grade7) when my father talked about him representing a certain Mwaturura, BUT the will of the Citizens first


I think this was played by zanu pf and zec. They are the ones who changed constituencies resulting in these guys sharing one constituency. Ccc’s candidate selection process couldn’t change that. Also they wouldn’t impose a candidate unless one of them was willing to bow out


It is what it is. This is the process they both agreed on and should be respected.Biti is a mature politician and he will stand with the party to win and will still be appointed minister of finance


U can’t have Yr cake and eat it too,the problem is you conflict democracy with meritocracy as if the two are synonymous,the cons of democracy is that u might not get meritocracy.tangatichitodawo Biti but democracy can be painful


@BitiTendai you owe your ALLEGIANCE to the Flag and to Africa not a Political Party or Individuals. Zimbabwe needs you in Parliament. Many will support your INDEPENDENT CANDIDACY. Some of us knew that you were going to be a victim of Tribal politics. We have been vindicated. Never allow yourself to be limited by power hungry minions !