Love Is Blind Zimbabwe Unlikely to Happen, Says Wicknell Chivayo's Wife[Image Credit: Instagram/@king.yaayaa]

Love Is Blind Zimbabwe Unlikely to Happen, Says Wicknell Chivayo’s Wife

Sonja Madzikanda, the wife ofcControversial businessman, Wicknell Chivayo, has poured cold water on the idea of having a Zimbabwean version of “Love Is Blind.” Sonja, who recently made headlines when she refuted cheating allegations, took to social media to express her scepticism about the whole idea.

Zimbabweans Have Too Much Drama

“Imagine doing a Love Is Blind in Africa or in Zimbabwe,” Sonja said, as she laughed off the idea. “Most of us do marry blindly anywhere. To all those Zimbabweans who are in the entertainment sector, why don’t we have shows like this? We will just laugh, tears. You can’t even get 20 black single men and 20 black single women and put them in rooms without drama.”

According to Sonja, Zimbabweans have too much drama in their lives, making it difficult for such a show to succeed. “We are not destined for this happiness and love,” she said. “Before the show is over, someone will be called out by their wife at home with three kids that he does not take care of anybody. Some small house will be like anoda kuenda pashow but she is dating ningi naningi naningi. We are just so messy. Then the episodes where you meet the significant others’ families will also cause a lot of drama.”


Love Is Blind Zimbabwe Unlikely to Happen, Says Wicknell Chivayo's Wife
Sonja Madzikanda, the wife of Wicknell Chivayo [Image Credit: Instagram/@king.yaayaa]

Not All Hope is Lost

However, Sonja did leave a glimmer of hope, saying that “if there is someone who thinks they can do it, they are welcome to try. Maybe they will prove me wrong.”

Zimbabweans React to Sonja’s Comments

Zimbabweans took to social media to react to Sonja’s comments, with some agreeing with her, while others criticized her for painting all Zimbabweans with the same brush. One Twitter user, @TatendaMaswera, said, “Sonja’s comments are not only untrue, but they are also very unfair to Zimbabweans who are looking for love.” Another user, @NyashaKamangira, said, “I agree with Sonja. Zimbabweans have too much drama. It would be impossible to have a show like Love Is Blind in Zimbabwe.”

While Sonja Madzikanda may have laughed off the idea of a Zimbabwean version of “Love Is Blind,” it is clear that Zimbabweans have different opinions on the matter. Only time will tell whether such a show will ever see the light of day in Zimbabwe.


What Is Love Is Blind About?

“Love is Blind” is a reality TV show that premiered on Netflix in February 2020. The show features a group of men and women who are looking for love and are willing to get engaged to someone they have never met in person. The twist is that the contestants are only allowed to communicate with each other through private “pods,” where they can talk and get to know each other without seeing what the other person looks like. The contestants have to make a decision to get engaged based on their emotional connection alone, without the influence of physical attraction. The show then follows the couples as they meet in person for the first time, move in together, and prepare for their weddings. The show has been a popular topic of conversation and has gained a large following on social media.