ZCC Bishop's Naughty Whatsapp Chats with Daughter-in-law Leaked[Image Credit: H-Metro]

ZCC Bishop’s Naughty Whatsapp Chats with Daughter-in-law Leaked

Lyphet Matenda Mugaviri, ZCC Bishop’s naughty Whatsapp chats have been leaked, revealing a romantic conversation with his brother’s daughter-in-law, Olinda Mashavave. The scandal has caused a rift within the church.

The Trap

The audacious trap was set by Lesly Mugaviri, the husband of Olinda Mashavave, after his wife informed him of the bishop’s romantic advances. The bishop was unaware that he was actually chatting with his nephew.

Bishop’s Proposals and Nudes

The leaked chats show that Bishop Mugaviri proposed to Olinda Mashavave and even sent her explicit photos. The bishop, who already has three wives, expressed his desire for Olinda to become his fourth lover, reported hmetro.

Whatsapp Chats From Bishop

“Ehe ndangofamba zvakanaka ndananga ikoko ndingosvika ndichiti pfee.”

“Babe ndokuvigirei . . . ihh ndine true love hako.”

“Ndoda umbokumbira kuenda kumusha kwako ndichizokuona. Mangwana ndoswera newe.”

“Chokwadi hako swty ummm I like your sexy eyes ummm akanyanya.”

“Ihh hauna kuona kuti ndaidyira paya kana tikatarisana ummm they are too sexy and good lips shaa.”

“Shaa, ndotobva ndakasimba, ndodya mazondo for preparation.”

Church in Turmoil

The incident has caused a deep divide within the church. Some members are demanding that the bishop be held accountable for his behavior, while others are advocating for forgiveness and reconciliation. The situation is further complicated by the fact that the church does not have a signed constitution, allowing the bishop to manipulate the system.

Fines and Compensation

As a consequence of his actions, the bishop has been fined three beasts as compensation, but it is unclear whether he has paid the fine yet. The church is grappling with how to address the matter and restore unity within its ranks.

The Bishop’s Admission

The bishop has admitted to the matter before a council of elders and the Mugaviri family. An audio recording has also surfaced in which Bishop Mugaviri apologizes for his actions and expresses his willingness to make amends. However, the church remains divided on the appropriate course of action.