Wondering Who Ruva Is & Why She Is Trending?Wondering Who Ruva Is & Why She Is Trending? [image; Twitter]

Wondering Who Ruva Is & Why She Is Trending? Find Out More Here

A certain Ruva is trending on social media, and if you were wondering why, we got you covered.

Ruva is a husband stealer who went viral after chats with her married lover’s wife leaked. In the chat, the wife pleads with Ruva to leave her husband alone, writing;.

Ruvarashe today I am going to expose you because I am really sick and tired of your bullshit. Tried to be a woman enough giving you space and time to be reasonable but I can see that you are no different from a Jezebel. I told you countless times to leave my husband alone but I can still see you messaging him constantly. Plenty of single man out there but iwewe nevarume ve vanhu hamusiyane .

It seems like you were put on this planet to destroy marriages. This is high time I tell u to really fuck off and leave my husband and family alone. On top of that you were misusing funds when you were working at Karma . I fired you and you had to use your mother to come beg for you because she said she really needed the money. I understood as a woman and gave you a chance to rectify your doings and now you can’t leave my husband alone . What exactly do you want. Just leave us the fuck alone and get your own man. The guy you constantly post on TikTok is evenmarried, seems like you can’t leave people’s husbands alone.

However, the video that has been in circulation showing Ruva’s alleged astounding bedroom skills has left a number of women understanding why the husband continues to cling on her, while some men have made it a mission to hunt her down.

I know I speak for all men. We all deserve a Ruva in our lives..
Mr Smeg Zim
After seeing video raRuva …me texting every girl named Ruva in my contact list
Wondering Who Ruva Is & Why She Is Trending?
Wondering Who Ruva Is & Why She Is Trending? [image; Twitter]
Arshavin Ashley
A hustler man and provider like me deserve a visionary woman and a Ruva in bed
I have heard whispers she is a husband stealer I’m ready to be stolen #morning #Ruva
Ukaona Cyclone Ruva yapinda muRelationship yako it’s over for good

Check out the video here;

However, it has emerged that the character in the video is not even Zimbabwean or a Ruva. The video was downloaded from a po_rn site.

By Mandisa