Job Dreams Turn Into Nightmare: Woman Found Dead 14 Days After Going For Job Interview[Image Credit: H-Metro]

Job Interview Turns Fatal: Woman Found Dead After Two Weeks

A Chitungwiza woman, Define William, was found dead in Msasa after having gone missing for two weeks. William was on her way to a job interview when she was allegedly murdered.

Missing Person Case

Her sister, Amalia William, spoke to H-Metro and confirmed the tragedy. “I am greatly pained, l was not expecting this. We are working with the police for more details. Define had gone missing since April 17, while she was on her way to fulfil an interview invitation, which was scheduled at 10.30 am, with a big company in Msasa,” said Amalia.

The last communication with Define was on April 17 when she collected money from a local money agent in the CBD. After collecting the money, Define’s phone became unreachable. “Before her disappearance, we had a confirmation message that she withdrew US$50 in town. Then, after that, she was nowhere to be seen. The money was withdrawn around 9 am,” said Amalia.


Job Dreams Turn Into Nightmare: Woman Found Dead 14 Days After Going For Job Interview
[Image Credit: H-Metro] Chitungwiza Woman found dead after going for job interview two weeks back

Discovery of the Body

The body was discovered in a decomposed state after the alleged culprit was apprehended by police. According to a close source, the alleged suspect killed Define and took everything, including the US$50, and later sold the phone to a man in Epworth who was caught by police after being tracked via a phone which her mother was now using.

“It’s a sad story that the thief wrestled with Define just after disembarking from a motor vehicle at the bus stop in Msasa. Zvakaoma, only for her body to be discovered yesterday after some police investigations,” said the source.

Family’s Response

The family is still in shock and arrangements for the funeral will be announced in due course. The case has since been reported as a murder case and investigations are underway.

In the words of Amalia, “This is a tragic loss of a young woman who was full of life and hope. We hope the police will swiftly bring to justice the perpetrator of this heinous crime.”