[Image Credit: ZimLive.com]

Dark Humor Gone Wrong: CID Detective’s Job in Jeopardy After Suicide Joke


A Startling Image and Message

In a bewildering turn of events, a prominent detective from the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) finds himself entangled in a precarious situation. Detective Constable Jonah Nomore Gono, a member of the CID minerals and fauna unit in Bindura, Mashonaland Central, is now at the center of a disciplinary storm after a troubling suicide social media post.

A Disturbing Picture of Desperation

According to Zimlive, the troubling incident unfolded when Detective Gono uploaded a picture of himself, gripping a firearm against his chin. Accompanying the image was a bone-chilling message in Shona: “We will meet in heaven,” followed by three melancholic emojis. This distressing act sent shockwaves throughout his colleagues and family, leaving them desperately concerned for his safety and well-being.


WhatsApp Prank Backfires: Prominent CID Detective's Job Hangs In The Balance Following Shocking Suicide Joke
[Image Credit: ZimLive.com]

A Frantic Search for Answers

In the wake of the alarming post, Gono’s coworkers were thrown into a frenzy as they scrambled to locate him and ensure his welfare. Countless phone calls and messages flooded in, all with the sole purpose of checking on the troubled detective’s condition. However, within a mere 20 minutes, Gono, with a rather unconventional sense of humour, updated his WhatsApp status to allay their fears.

A Bittersweet Reassurance

The newly updated status message simply read: “Sorry… I’m fyn.” This unexpected turn of events left his colleagues puzzled, wondering whether Gono’s initial post was a call for help or merely a tasteless joke gone awry.

Impending Consequences

As news of this incident spread, speculations arose regarding the consequences that Gono might face. It is reported that his superiors have requested a detailed report from him, which could potentially result in his arrest and charges under the Police Act. The charges include “acting in an unbecoming or disorderly manner or in any manner prejudicial to good order or discipline or reasonably likely to bring discredit to the police force.”

A Precarious Future

If convicted, Detective Gono faces a range of severe penalties, including dismissal from the police force or a demotion in rank, coupled with an official reprimand. However, it remains uncertain how this situation will ultimately unfold.

Police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi expressed that he has yet to receive a comprehensive briefing on the matter, leaving the public anxiously awaiting further updates.