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WATCH: Unconventional Love Story: Wealthy Tanzanian Woman Marries Three Unemployed Husbands at Once


Nellie: The Woman with Three Husbands

A wealthy Tanzanian woman is going viral across the world for her unconventional love life in which she is married to three husbands at the same time.

The woman, who is only identified as Nellie, was featured in an Afrimax English documentary, which chronicled her relationship with her 3 husbands. Nellie is married to Jimmy, Hassan, and Danny, who are all unemployed and work from time to time.


WATCH: Unconventional Love Story: Wealthy Tanzanian Woman Marries Three Unemployed Husbands at Once
Nellie [Image: Screengrab from Youtube/Afrimax English]
Nellie told Afrimax English,

“My name is Nellie, and I am the world record holder in this area with three husbands.

“I work as a car dealer. I get them from Dubai and sell them in my country.

“I’ve lived with these three men as my husbands for three years.

“I had a husband with whom we were together for eight years, who was in a car accident and died after we had two children.

“After my husband died, I was left with his brother, Hassan, and we continued to live in the same house as we did before my late husband died. He showed me love, and I ended up falling for him. Since then, we have started living as husband and wife.”



Husband Number One: Hassan


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Speaking on the unusual marriage, Hassan said,

“My name is Hassan, and I am Nellie’s husband. After my elder brother died, I remained here to look after the children he had with Nelly because she did not have time to take care of the children.

“She was always working. So then, as I continued to live here, she loved me. I loved her, so we decided to live as husband and wife.

“After that, she brought other men, so we all lived here without any problems and loved each other.”


Husband Number Two: Jimmy


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After living with Hassan, Nellie later met and married Jimmy. Jimmy told the TV show,

“My name is Jimmy, and I am Nellie’s husband. It wasn’t easy at first. I remember the first time we met, I had much stress caused by love.

“She found me where I was sitting alone and asked me to talk because she saw that I had many problems.

“I let her consider my condition then. I needed someone to comfort me and say kind words to me. I also needed someone to talk to, so we started talking and sharing a

“I told her all my problems, and she told me about her life. How she lost her beloved husband due to a car accident. How difficult it was for her to accept it and many other things, but life goes on even if a person has some problems

“That day we went our different ways, but we continue to be friends. Later I managed to accept her in my life, and her
history, and she accepted me in her life and my history.

“And we decided to live as husband and wife. First, however, she told me the truth that she lives with another man called Hassan the brother of her late husband, and I accepted it too.”


Husband Number Three: Danny


WATCH: Unconventional Love Story: Wealthy Tanzanian Woman Marries Three Unemployed Husbands at Once
[Image: Screengrab from Youtube/Afrimax English]


Danny, Nellie’s third husband, explained how he joined the unusual relationship,


“I was single before I lived with her. I had just finished my studies and couldn’t find a job. Then I met her. She gave me strength, and she showed me that life goes on and that I could live well again.

“Since then, I started to love her. She also loved me so she brought me home and finally, she told me that this was
her house.

“She told me the truth that she has two other men. For a moment, it scared me that it might cause chaos and War in her home. But these men came and welcomed
I and we started Living Like That from that time to this day.

“Since then, my life has changed. I am fine now and have no
problems. She got us the cars we drive. It’s not our money because we’re mostly unemployed.”


Nellie and her 3 Husbands’ Living Arrangements & How The Relationship Works

Nellie lives with her three husbands in her plush home, and each husband has his own bedroom. Nellie also has her own bedroom.

Nellie’s relationship with her three husbands appears to work in part because she is wealthy and takes care of all of their needs. All of her husbands drive nice cars and stay in her nice house. The husbands all claimed that they want for nothing

WATCH: Unconventional Love Story: Wealthy Tanzanian Woman Marries Three Unemployed Husbands at Once
[Image: Screengrab from Youtube/Afrimax English]

What Happens During Intimacy Time?

Explaining what happens during intimacy time, Jimmy said,

“As for intimate time, we have no problem. As a man with many wives plans, so do we. Each has his bedroom, and the wife also has her bedroom.

“So when she needs one of us, she calls them and meets him in her bedroom, or she might come to our room if she wants, or if one of us wants her, he goes to her room.

“So we are happy with it. We don’t have any problem because we’re all her men, and we’ve never met in the bedroom at the same time yet. She satisfies all of us.”

No explanation for why

Nellie did not explain why she wanted to be married to three husbands. Her story of being married to three husbands at the same time is an unusual one. Her ability to care for all of her husbands’ needs seems to be what makes the relationship work.


You Can Watch The Full Video Of Nellie and Her Husbands Below