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Amidst the plight of long-distance relationships, a beacon of hope shines in the form of a revolutionary invention. A university situated in the eastern province of Jiangsu, China, has successfully crafted a device that enables lovers separated by distance to indulge in the authentic feeling of a kiss.

This magnificent creation boasts of a mouth-shaped module, an area that ignites the spark of intimacy between partners, as they indulge in a kiss. The device ingeniously transfers the force and gesture of the kiss to the corresponding module, situated at the other end.

The device operates via Bluetooth, a technological marvel that has allowed the world to connect with one another seamlessly. To operate, the device merely requires the phone to be plugged in, and lovers living miles apart can experience the warmth of each other’s kiss. What’s more, individuals with oral diseases can enjoy the feeling of kissing, thanks to this extraordinary innovation.

The Changzhou Vocational Institute of Mechatronic Technology proudly holds the patent for this device, a creation that will undoubtedly change the world of long-distance relationships forever. The design’s leading inventor, Jiang Zhongli, a proud graduate of the university, speaks of how his long-distance relationship with his girlfriend inspired him to create this marvel.

Jiang’s unbridled passion for innovation and love have borne fruit, as he proudly announced the granting of a patent in 2019, which has now ended in January 2023. The inventor expressed his surprise at the invention’s popularity and fervently hopes that someone with a keen interest in the device would expand and perfect its design, making it even more delightful for long-distance couples.

However, in Zimbabwe, the reception seems lukewarm;

Trust S Majoni

Haaaa imi kaaa feelings can’t be transferred electroniucally hazviko mhani

Tadiwanashe Ashy Bee Gadzikwa

Saka varikuvandudza here chinhu chavo coz kiss haina basa sterek we need more

Thandiwe Shekede

Ma Chinaachatiuraya takavarairwa havatombodi kusekererwa chii chakadaro ngavambo dzimirwa magetsi vamborarama sevasipo kana kuvhara nyika yacho

Edeline Rutendo Kunyadini

I will not be satisfied by technology until I can slap someone through the fon.

By Mandisa