Holy Ten, Mabrijo Secret Romance ExposedHoly Ten, Mabrijo Secret Romance Exposed [Image; Bridget Panashe/Holy Ten Instagram]

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Influential social media star Bridget Panashe, better known as Mabrijo, yesterday confessed that rapper Holy Ten was once her boyfriend.

The stunning admission came during an interview on Star FM’s After Drive Season 2 with DJ Ollah 7, where she revealed the two had been in a romantic relationship before.

The news has generated a lot of interest among the rapper’s fans, who have been keeping up with his recent controversies. According to Mabrijo, Holy Ten ended the relationship because he believed she was not attractive enough for him. However, the socialite declined to provide more details about the relationship.

Holy Ten, Mabrijo Secret Romance Exposed
Holy Ten, Mabrijo Secret Romance Exposed [Image; Bridget Panashe/Holy Ten Instagram]
Mabrijo wishes Holy Ten all the best following his recent marriage to Kimberly Richards. Despite having Snapchat videos to support her claims, Mabrijo stated that she has no intention of releasing them as she is not a bitter ex-girlfriend. Instead, she wants to move on with her life and bears no ill feelings towards the rapper.

Existing Skeletons

The timing of the revelation is noteworthy, as Holy Ten has recently been embroiled in several controversies. Rumors of a love triangle between Holy Ten, Kimberly, and his rival Voltz JT have been circulating after a video of Voltz kissing Kimberly surfaced online. Holy Ten has not commented on the allegations or the video.

Additionally, Holy Ten has also been accused by his alleged baby mama, Chelsea Tariro, of being a deadbeat father, but he has not responded to these allegations either. A popular prophet who made headlines for predicting the deaths of multiple South African celebrities recently predicted that Holy Ten’s marriage to Kimberly is doomed to fail.

By Mandisa