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Tinashe Mutarisi Addresses Viral Photo Controversy: “I Barely Know Her”

Businessman and media personality Tinashe Mutarisi has addressed the recent viral photo controversy involving himself and his former classmate, Jossy Mutongi. In an official statement, Mutarisi cleared up the speculation and controversy surrounding the photo and their alleged relationship.

Photo Controversy and Speculation

The viral photo in question was posted on Facebook by Jossy Mutongi and features Mutarisi with his former schoolmate. In the picture, Jossy is leaning on Mutarisi, with a caption that reads ”

My desk mate my besty my classmate it’s sad because of levels we can’t play together the way we want anyhow anytime I love you ikoko kwauri happy birthday mh*t*…”.

The photo quickly went viral on social media, leading to widespread speculation and controversy about their relationship.


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Mutarisi Apologizes for the Picture

Mutarisi began his statement by apologizing for the photo, which he had no control over. He explained that the picture was taken during a meeting with Jossy, who had fallen on hard times and needed his help. He said that he had only seen Jossy once since 1996 and that was when they took the pictures.

Mutarisi clarified that he barely knows Jossy, and their relationship is purely platonic. He said that he agreed to take the picture as he was delighted to see and take a picture with his former classmate. However, during the process of taking pictures, Jossy suddenly moved and leaned on him. Mutarisi respectfully explained to her that he does not take those kinds of pictures, and she apologized. That was the last time that he spoke to her in person, and after that, they exchanged messages on WhatsApp regarding her business growth.

Mutarisi’s Feelings on the Situation

Mutarisi was shocked by Jossy’s post, as he had never communicated with her in such foul language. He initially thought she was using his name for clout and to push her business. However, he realized that mental health is a challenge for many people and it’s advisable to tread with caution on issues like these.

Mutarisi expressed his deep regret for any embarrassment or shame that Jossy’s post may have caused to his friends and colleagues. However, he noted that his family is unaffected by the situation. He also mentioned that he had to block Jossy on social media but would still communicate with her cautiously through WhatsApp. Mutarisi believes that Jossy’s apology is sufficient, and he considers her his friend.

Final Thoughts

Mutarisi concluded his statement by saying that he would not promise to be more careful about the people he associates with or the pictures he takes in the future. He believes that it’s not possible to predict the behaviour of others and that he cannot control what they say or do.


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Tinashe Mutarisi’s Statement About The Viral Photo In Full


Hi Good Pple

Allow me to apologize for a picture that one of my former friends posted on Facebook a day after my birthday.

Since 1996 I have only seen that person (Jossy) once ( that day that we took those pictures) and that was after she called me asking for a meeting because she had fallen on hard times and she desperately needed my help. I invited her to come see me and unfortunately I couldn’t help her with much kunze kwe mari and jusg posting on my facebook post asking my followers to also assist her.

She asked for a picture and ini mozviziva kuti I’m always ready so I agreed as I was also delighted to see and take a pictures with my former classmate. During the process of taking pics she suddenly moved and leaned on me, I explained to her respectfully that I do not take those kind of pictures and she apologized and we went our separate ways. That was the last time that I spoke to her in person and after that we exchanged ma messages on app achinditenda kuti my followers were actually helping her small business grow and please if you can continue to assist her.

Just like all of you ndakatoshamiswawo ne post yaakaisa iya. I did not expect her to write such to me because I have never communicated to her is such foul language. Pekutanga I actually thought she was just doing this to deliberately just to use my name for clout and push her saloon business but ndikazofunga kuti it’s bad kufungira munhu zvakaipa usina chokwadi nazvo. These days mental health is a challenge to a lot of pple so it’s advisable to tread with caution on issues like these. What I know for a fact is she likes me and she was one of my top fans always posting nice things about me. I honestly do not believe she would intentionally do something to harm my reputation.

I am deeply sorry for any embarrassment or shame that post may have caused to you my friends and colleagues but haa family yangu yekumba hayo haiwa vajaira dzaa nhinhi. I hope that this explanation clears up any misunderstandings and I do not promise to be more careful in the future about the people I associate with and the pictures I take because unfortunately ndoozvandakapikira zvekusasarudza kana kudadira munhu, semunhu akarerwa ne community.

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