"Tese Tiri Mahure": Two Sisters Accused of Having an Affair with Neighbor's Husband[Image Credit: H-Metro]

“Tese Tiri Mahure”: Two Sisters Accused of Having an Affair with Neighbor’s Husband

Rumbidzai Semu from Harare has accused her two neighboring sisters of having an affair with her husband. She claims that the two sisters Chido and Mutsa have been emotionally abusing her, playing loud music, and even accusing her of feeding her husband a love potion.

“I’m tired of these two. They are my neighbours, but they play loud music,” stated Rumbidzai. “I found messages in my husband’s cell phone sent by Chido and Mutsa. They accused me of feeding him a love portion,”

Derogatory by the two sisters

Rumbidzai stated that the sisters told her that “murume ndewedu tose, tose tiri ma prostitutes,” which translates to “the husband belongs to all of us, we are all prostitutes.”

Chido and Mutsa Chaha, however, denied Rumbidzai’s allegations. Chido confirmed that she had dated Rumbidzai’s husband before but went to her house to ask for forgiveness and not to breach her peace.

“I deny her testimony. We are not on talking terms and she is just fabricating stories. Yes, I dated her husband and I went to her house to ask for forgiveness, not to breach her peace,” said Chido.

Mutsa, on the other hand, denied assaulting Rumbidzai and said that her aunt went to her house to ask for forgiveness on her behalf. Mutsa further added that her mother suffered a stroke, and there was no way they could play a radio full blast.

Court Dismisses Application Due to Lack of Merit

Rumbidzai had filed an application against the sisters, claiming emotional abuse and harassment. However, Magistrate Sharon Mashavira dismissed the application due to a lack of merit, reported hmetro. The magistrate said that Rumbidzai failed to provide evidence to support her allegations.